William Steger



High School:
Norview High School (Norfolk VA)


AAU Club Name:
Team Loaded 757

Highlight Video:

AAU Coach Evaluation:
William “willjay” Steger Jr. is a 5’7 rising sophomore that is lightning quick with the ball breaking down defenses with a very shifty handle and the ability to know where all his teammates are on the court. On defense he gets under taller defenders and can turn the smaller ones, gets into the passing lane and causes chaos in the full court press is what he specializes in. Over the summer he’s learned to use his size as an advantage and his pull-up jumper is starting to become a go to move for him. – Coach Quinton Marteniez, Team Loaded

Coach Frank says:
As defenders found out all summer long it’s tough to stay in front of the fleet footed and explosive Will Steger. Will has a strong frame and knows how to get into the body of defenders but also has the ability blow by defenders with abrupt starts and stops, change of pace dribble moves and quick change of direction dribble moves. He handles the ball as if on a string and is quick to explode into the lane when he sees an opening. An excellent passer, Will has great vision and anticipation and creates scoring for teammates. A facilitator and passer first but William can shoot the mid range jumper with good consistency and makes great use of the floater in the lane. Defensively he is a pest! With quick hands and feet, Will can get into the offensive player’s bubble and be disruptive and does not get beat! Don’t let his size fool you, William Steger impacts games on both ends!

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