Player: Dcarious Brooks

Class: 2018

HT: 6’3, 165 pounds

High School: Warhill High School, Williamsburg VA

Highlight Video:

HS Coach Evaluation: Dcarius has good size and athleticism but his greatest strength is his versatility. Dcarius has the skill level to play on the perimeter but, he is capable of taking a smaller player into the post. Dcarius is at his best when he is in the open court and is making good decisions. He is an above average ball handler, sees the floor well and can create for himself and others. On our team, Dcarius is called on to do a lot and plays more of a point forward. He does a nice job of absorbing contact and finishing around the rim. Over the past two seasons he has developed into an outstanding defender. Dcarius’ length and nose for the ball makes him one of our better rebounders. He can really affect the game in many ways and is a triple-double threat every game. Dcarius excels on the court and in the classroom. As good of a player as he is, he is an even better young man. – Coach Geoff McCulloch, Head Coach Warhill High School

From basketball skills trainer and Windsor High School Coach Erik Johnson: Dcarius is the the perfect combination of what every coach wants; speed, size, intensity and a killer instinct with the ball. He holds himself and his team to a very high standard on and off the court and as an opposing coach I’ve spent many hours preparing my team for him. He is built like a 3, shoots like a 2, handles the ball like a 1 and has the length to play the 4. He has a very bright future in the game of basketball. – Coach Erik Johnson, Windsor High School Boys Basketball Head Coach

Coach Frank says: Dcarius can flat out shoot the basketball and has very good range. He moves well without the ball to get open and receives the ball ready to make a play. He has the ability to create his own shot, is unselfish and is a very good passer. He can hit the pull up jumper in the lane and has become a good finisher. Dcarius is always working; always looking to make a play on both ends of the floor and his athleticism and constant high motor effort contributes to his production as he gets a lot of steals, rebounds and even baskets because of effort. His length and athleticism allows him to be a more versatile player as he rebounds the basketball very well and doesn’t mind banging inside for rebounds or getting on the floor for loose balls, He don’t mind doing the dirty work! Dcarius is a matchup concern given his length and perimeter skill and as he has gotten stronger, he has become more assertive and more aggressive attacking the rim. He is a well liked student in the school by fellow students and by faculty and he is a great teammate because his encouragement of teammates matches his effort and energy.

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