2026 Dillon Mason (Upward Stars Carolina):

Mason introduced himself more with Phenom Hoops at the event, as the 6’4 prospect seems to be just scratching the surface of what he could be in the end. He really was able to shine on both sides of the ball, using his size well, being active on the glass, showing his ability to step out, having the ability to get downhill and finish, and simply being an option in an array of ways.

2026 Kenan Dixon (Upward Stars Carolina):

Dixon was another player for a very interesting Upward Stars Carolina team, as he put on a show on several occasions for his team. Dixon really presented himself as an offensive weapon and a true scoring threat. But overall, this is a tough 5’10 guard who competes; he is scrappy, has a high IQ for the game, can be a knockdown shooter from outside and other levels, is a crafty finisher on his drives, and is willing to put his body on the line for his team.

2026 Dylan Twitty (NC Spartans):

I really liked what I saw from Twitty overall and what he is able to provide. As a 6’7 prospect, Twitty is one that can be an effective option in scoring in the paint and using his body to bring a presence both offensively and defensively, but he also is a strong presence on the boards.  He consistently attacked the glass, understanding where he can be effective for his team.

2026 Justus Bell (Upward Stars Columbia):

Bell is an interesting prospect to watch. For his team overall, he is one of many players that brings terrific position size but Bell is a long 6’4 prospect that can be an effective shotmaker on the court. He gets to his spots, and has confidence in knocking down shots off the catch and over defenders, but can be a playmaker on the court in finishing at the rim. An effective weapon with size though from the outside.

2026 Caden Coleman (Upward Stars):

Coleman is one that I’ve enjoyed watching over the last year and learning more about, as the guard shows to be a strong creator on the court. He understands what he needs to do to create his own shot, being a strong ball-handler, finding ways to score whether it is with his pull-up game or finishing strong through defenders.  He consistently shows that he can create for himself but also be a strong creator for others as well.

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