2032 Jadah Townsend (Team Ego)

Despite being the smallest and youngest player listed, it doesn’t take long to recognize the ability Townsend possesses. She’s an intelligent point guard with quickness, vision, and a tight handle.  Townsend effectively breaks down defenders and makes plays off the dribble, both for herself and others. She does a great job of making the right read and corresponding pass as a playmaker. That being said, Townsend also displays quality shooting range and a useful floater around the basket. Given her impressive identity (especially given her age), it’s clear that she has the makings of a prospect worth noting.

2031 Morgan Pierotti (Team Ego)

While there were several quality performers for Team Ego, Pierotti found ways to stand out from start to finish. She’s a wing with an excellent combination of size, skill, and assertiveness. Pierotta is a solid creator and capable passer, but finds most of her success through her ability to score the ball. Whether hitting jumpers from distance, midrange, or attacking the basket, she proved to be a reliable offensive threat. Pierotti rebounds well and makes her presence felt defensively.

2029 Siena Area (Gametime Basketball)

The Gametime Basketball squad showed flashes of dominance at the event, and Area was clearly a massive part of their overall success. She’s a long, wiry forward with great size and lethal shooting ability. Area possesses deep range and is capable of heating up in a hurry. She frequently attacks the basket and makes plays off the bounce, but was arguably at her best when asserting her presence from beyond the arc. Add in her ability to rebound and block shots, and it’s easy to see the value Area already brings to a team.  It’s easy to see her game continuing to blossom.

2029 Gemma Liotta (Gametime Basketball)

In a similar vein, Liotta does a lot to set the tone as an all-around leader for this group. She handles the ball, creates for others, and applies scoring pressure within the flow of the action. Liotta makes smart decisions off the bounce and looks to locate open teammates whenever possible. Additionally, she rebounds well for her size and displays the ability to reliably contain her assignment defensively.

2030 Jordyn Avila (Georgia Pearls)

The Georgia Pearls proved to be a quality group throughout the weekend, and Avila was arguably as impressive as anyone on display. Her combination of size, skill, and motor allow her to naturally make a nonstop impact on the game. Avila is a terrific finisher with shooting prowess and the ability to create her own shot. She’s a willing passer who tends to make quality decisions with the ball in her hands. Avila utilizes her length well defensively to disrupt opponents and force turnovers. She also rebounds at a solid rate and understands how to push the break in transition.

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