By: Kevin Moses

Donovan Brown
Twitter: @donovanb693
Height: 5’9, 145 lbs
Class of 2025
School: Herbert Hoover High School, WV

Brown is a dynamic three-point killer with unlimited range. Once he crosses half-court, it is in his range. Even if well defended he is a bucket waiting to happen. But Donovan is anything but one-dimensional, as he is electric off the bounce with blowby speed and a fierce finisher. He is a shifty guard who elevates everyone on the team as they feed off his energy. Donovan has great court vision and can deliver some thread the needle passes. Last season, Donovan averaged 8 points and 3.8 assists per game. He elevated that in the 23-24 season to 17.8 points and 4.5 assists. Donovan’s biggest improvement from last year’s high school season is his ability to score the ball has improved and become a better point guard for his team and this has helped them win with more than just his ability to score the ball. Last AAU session Donovan averaged 23.6 points a game. I can’t wait to see if that average rises this AAU session. For this next high school season, Donovan is looking forward to making a run in the playoffs and getting back to where they were, and also looking forward to taking an even bigger role than he did this past year. What separates Donovan from other players is his IQ for the game and how he can adjust to any defense or strategy the other team has in store for the game. Donovan is so crafty and can create his shots so well and with this fierce ability you can’t stop him, you can only contain him till he figures you out. He is a master at keeping the defense guessing how and what he will do next. Donovan would like to see himself playing D1 but thinks he could play D2 at a high level because of his speed and not allowing himself to get sped up when the defense starts pressuring. He would consider a lower division and is looking forward to playing somewhere in college and for any division that he could play for he would consider playing. I assess that Donovan is among the top guards in the entire state and despite his size, he can flat-out score. But he is a true floor general who can beat you with an IQ beyond the scoring. And when it’s crunch time Donovan wants the ball in his hands for the clutch play to get it done.

Luis Nava
Twitter: @LuisNava124, Instagram- @luis_nava05
Height: 6’7, 200
Class of 2025
School: Oldham County, KY

Nava is kind of a hybrid of old-school back-to-the-basket post but versatile enough to do some damage off the bounce. Luis can get the easy hook shot every time and even a fadeaway shot from the post and it won’t get blocked because of his height. His greatest strengths would be rebounding and shooting the ball in the post. But he has a strong defensive swagger too with force around the rim. Defensively with his length he can get big blocks and alter shots effectively. This past season Luis averaged 10 points and 7 rebounds per game on a loaded squad. There were a few things that motivated Luis from last year, one being that they didn’t end their season the way they wanted it to end. They had to forfeit their last game because of injuries. Another is that he didn’t end the season with the stats he wanted to get. Luis’s big focus areas that he needs to improve are his ball handling and his shooting. Luis feels to take his game to the next level he must improve his skill in both these areas. Playing AAU for Kentuckiana Hoops, Luis’ goal for this AAU season is to win the NY2LA championship and to help his teammates win. Luis has certainly delivered on that. becoming a steady force his team can depend on consistently. Luis’ goals for next season are to be an All-Regional team and even All-State team while winning the region and getting to Rupp. He feels like they have a great chance to win the region next year with the group they have at Oldham County.

Henry Sisemore
Twitter @HSisemore2025
Height: 6’8,180
Class of 2025
School: Lago Vista High School, TX

Sisemore is a defensive stud that is one of the most imposing shot blockers in the state. With a high defensive IQ Henry uses his 7ft wingspan and great timing to erase dreams around that rim and paint area. He can score efficiently on the block or step out and knock down the long bomb. When you can stretch the floor with that size it can space the floor with that shooting touch it also applies a lot of pressure on the defense. This past season Henry averaged 12.9 points, 8.7 rebounds, 4.2 blocks, 2.6 assists, and 1.8 steals per game. Henry’s biggest improvement since last high school season is he has gotten a lot more comfortable handling the ball and shooting more consistently. Last AAU session playing for Centex Attack Henry averaged 7 points, 7 rebounds, 2.5 blocks, 1.2 assists, and .65 steals. Henry’s high school team put in a lot of work in the off-season and went on an 18-game winning streak against non-district opponents to start the season, our high school has never had a winning streak like that before. Henry wants to get his name out there to as many coaches as possible and wants to showcase his skills and talent against top teams. He will put in the work to improve the most during the off-season, and will be in the weight room a lot to get stronger and bigger, he will also work on shooting more consistently. His goal for the upcoming high school is to make a deep playoff run and continue as a leader on his team. His high school team put in a lot of work in the off-season and went on an 18-game winning streak against non-district opponents to start the season, and his high school has never had a winning streak like that before. What will be your focus moving into the upcoming season is to get stronger and in college shape, so he can compete at the next level.

Jeremy Evans Jr
Twitter: @jeremyejr
Height: 5’9, 142
Class of 2027

Evans is a strong 3-point sniper. If you give him any space it lights out. Effective getting tough mid-range sots translates that into a fierce 3 & D athlete. Last season Jeremy averaged 7.4 points, 2.3 assists, 1.7 rebounds, and 3.3 steals per game. The biggest improvement was his shooting. Jeremy’s goals for the upcoming high school season are to Win the district, make a playoff run, get noticed by coaches, and earn more playing time. Jeremy’s mindset separates him apart from others because he wants to make it to the next level and accomplish his dreams. Jeremy sees himself in a D2, D3, Juco, or a small D1 school level because of his height. Jeremy would consider a lower division because even though it’s not a high division, he can still have a chance to show his effort, skills, and talent.

Caleb Harris
Twitter: @calebharris_2
Height: 6’2, 175
Class of 2025
School: Bolingbrook High School, IL

Harris is a dynamic athlete with a fierce triple threat scoring swagger and explosive off the bounce with blowby speed. Add the crafty athleticism in the mix and Caleb is more than a handful. Caleb is just developing his mid-range shot and with the defense trying to figure out what Caleb will do next, he flexes his shiftiness to get to his spots. Caleb is also a strong finisher around the rim. Caleb has a nice range from the three-point line. and his greatest strengths are his ball handling and his jumper. These are a huge part of Caleb’s ability to attack the lane and finish strong while punishing the defense with his crafty athletic ability, even through contact. The most motivational thing that happened to Caleb last season was coming in as an underdog transferring into Bolingbrook 2 weeks before the season tryouts and underperforming, not showing me real, and barely getting playing time. But going into his senior year Caleb has developed the dog mentality. Caleb is playing AAU this session with Clippers Nation Elite Red and his goal for this AAU is to develop his skill level going into next year. while learning how to be a better team player. Caleb’s goals are to develop my game, work on all his bad assets on his game, and maintain my grades. On the court, what fuels Caleb’s fire is seeing his parents in the stands knowing they are what he has done this for, pushing himself hard to succeed and excel because he wants to return everything they gave him and make them smile for once. When things don’t go his way, Caleb finds a way to get his teammates involved, making sure he is not to ruin their game. Most importantly understand he has to keep a positive attitude out there at all times.

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