By: Kevin Moses

Adel Amparo
Twitter: @adelamparo0
Height: 6ft, 158
Class of 2028
School: Hayward High School, WI

Amparo is an eclectic young baller and all-around shooter with a beautiful touch from downtown. Lethal when he is open. And loves the catch-and-shoot off outlets from rebounds from outside. But quick off the bounce and a fierce finisher. at the rim, even through contact. And a baseline floater that’s simply special once he powers through contact. Adel is a solid defender too. nice timing on shot-blocking. Gets after it on the boards and can drop a sweet dime of his own. Already a complete player who’s going to be a star in a short time entering the varsity level as he continues to develop. Adel averaged 15.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1.3 blocks per game this past season. The biggest improvement from last season was his ball handling. Adel was more poised and under control without panicking with a little pressure. Now able to handle the ball well with his eyes up and not pick up his dribble or get phased by pressure or traps. During AAU last summer Adel worked hard through ball handling drills learning to be more efficient in getting around on the court. The main thing Adel is gonna work the hardest at during the off-season is my jumper. Becoming a player who can finish and have good post moves is immaculate but developing a jumper with those moves is a bigger benefit when it comes to being an all-around player. The goal for this upcoming AAU season is to average 20 Points per game or more average of 3 assists per game while helping his team win 2 AAU tournament championships. Adel knows it takes teamwork to be successful. Another goal is working on my post moves and layups and using his size to his advantage. For a 6”0 8th grader post moves and layups could be key too for me to average over 20 points per game. The most inspiring thing during Adel’s season was watching other players do moves that I hadn’t seen before. This made him learn the move to use it to his advantage. It inspired him to not use the same move repeatedly and try different moves. This also made a huge impact on different ways to score at the rim and around the 3-point line. One thing Adel brings to the court that sets him apart from others is his quickness for being a big guy. It is rare to see a big guy who is quicker than most point guards on the court due to the different sizes. And weight comparison makes the lighter person usually faster. But for Adel, he thrives on being the quickest guy and hardest-working guy on the court. With as much talent and skill as he has right now, the 4 years are going to be an incredible show if Adel continues to develop and elevate those nice skills. Adel would consider other levels but his focus has to remain on putting in hard work on the court. always getting better so there is more opportunity.

Duke Bowman
Twitter: @duke_bowman
Height: 6’3, 180
Class of 2026
School: Shiloh Christian School, AR

Bowman is a dynamic young prospect with that ball. A triple threat scoring option with a silky smooth touch from downtown with an explosive first step off the bounce and a fierce finisher inside. With an extremely high IQ and court vision that makes him a matchup nightmare. Duke has a wicked scoop shot that he is creative and creative getting off. Duke is a jaw-dropping passer and huge gobbling up boards. And Duke is a solid defender who can use that nice speed and IQ to shoot the gap and turn defense into offense in a flash. This past season Duke averaged 14.5 points, 7.1 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1 steal per game. Duke is entering this AAU session on the mission of putting on a clinic on the Recruit Look Circuit to get the attention of coaches and gain their interest in making sure they remember his name and look forward to catching another show. Duke’s favorite AAU highlight from last year was during a Recruit Look Hoops Tournament in KC last summer he was recognized as a top performer of the day with 25 points(4-3s) in the second half to help his team win the game. Duke’s biggest improvement has been learning how to create his shot while being face-guarded. The defining moment for Duke during the season was in the game versus McDonald County where he had his season-high 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists. Duke had himself an incredible season and reeled in all kinds of awards as a varsity starter as a Freshman and a Sophomore 2x All- Conference and All-State honorable mention as a Sophomore, and team-only awards included 2x Offensive Player of the Year,2x Leading scorer, and the teams leading rebounder. Sum this gem up in one word “STUD”, already a prime-time performer there is nowhere else to go but up. Duke’s goals for the upcoming season are to make First Team All-State and increase his scoring to 20 points per game while leading his team to that illustrious State tournament. Coaches should know that Duke’s work ethic, his academics, and his relationship with his teammates set him apart. That work ethic is second to none and is why he is a lethal sniper. Duke gives 110% in every practice and every game and spends countless hours training and shooting at his home, at school, and at various gyms. No days off as he is always perfecting those nice skills. Duke, understanding that academic excellence is equally important, maintains a 4.0 GPA and plans to study law in college. And Duke takes great pride in his relationships with his teammates both on and off the court. It was at this moment uke could see and feel all his hard work paying off. Duke is pretty open to any division-level opportunity but like every high-level player, the dream is D1. Duke is counting on his track record of success on both his school and AAU teams combined with his high academic achievement will secure that dream.

Brayden Helimick
Twitter: @HelimickBrayden
Height: 6’6 , 240
Class of 2026
School: Notre Dame High School, WV

Helimick is a classic old-school big who loves to dominate the paint and has a high IQ. Brayden uses nice footwork, power, and a wicked spin move to impose his will down there. A fierce back-to-the-basket talent not easily contained. But Brayden is crafty and athletic, also getting shots off when he faces up. A glass eater gobbling up boards and a ruthless rim protector throwing himself a block party. Runs the floor very well. The best thing is Brayden understands how to use his size to create space to open up space to get the shots he wants. He can also stretch the floor with a solid midrange game. Brayden’s biggest improvement was getting stronger staying in the gym working on his body and strength conditioning. Also focuses on his footwork and core drills with his coach. It was clear this past season that his development took a big step forward. Brayden averaged 11.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.2 steals, and 2.1 blocks per game. It certainly has a huge impact on every single game. In the off-season, Brayden wants to improve his 3-point shooting becoming even more versatile. The goal for the upcoming season is to win the state tournament making WV remember his name along the way. Brayden will focus on getting his averages up across the board with the drive to get Notre Dame on the winning trail setting the stage for the future of consistent wins. for years to come. He learned to slow the game down while pushing himself to be the best he could be at everything. What set Brayden apart is his tenacity for dominating the paint and some good midrange ability to keep the defense honest. Classic old-school big not interested in forcing long outside shots knows he will draw the defense to collapse and can open up the guards for uncontested shots. Know he can flex his size and strength as a real matchup problem. Other off-season goals are to increase his vertical jumping and perfecting his shot while motivating his team to get in that gym along with him to improve team chemistry. That’s leadership at its best. This stud is hungry to improve and win as a team knowing that this young team didn’t finish the way he knows they can. Can’t wait to see the season kick off to see the development of Brayden and this young squad who should be a year older and ready to make a little noise.

Walker Russell
Twitter: @walkerrussell0
Height: 6’2, 155
Class of 2026
School: Magoffin County High School

Russell is a high-energy gem who gives 110% on both ends of the floor with a high basketball IQ who a solid all-around shooter with nice range. This stud can really shoot that rock. But Walker is an unselfish player who is always looking for his teammates first. Walker excels with a natural ability to gobble up rebounds. Like a magnet, he is always around the ball. With a strong all-around game, Walker is also explosive scoring around that paint area while remaining deadly if you leave him open from three. The best part is Walker is an intense scrappy defender. Even his attention to detail and pure grit going after every loose ball. Walker is relentless and never takes one play off. Walker’s mindset on the court is to build up his team and not dwell on past plays but always look to the next one. The letters on the front of his shirt fuel the fire within him. Walker plays with pride and passion for the name he wears. This past season Walker averaged 9 points while shooting 50% from the field, 30% from three, and 70% from the line adding 7 rebounds and 4 assists per game on a loaded team that made a deep run to the state tournament semi-finals at Rupp. That was where I saw him shine against one of the best teams in the state. Started a little slow offensively but showed he is going to be special in the coming years. His energy was contagious and you could see the dog in him even on that big stage. The most motivating thing for Walker was winning the 15th Region Championship because it showed him no matter how many times you get beat, if you keep working and pushing forward you can achieve your goals. And just him but this entire team and their community that they can do the impossible against any odds if they only believe in themselves. What sets Walker apart is his energy and grit to match that shooting ability. and rebounding. You can’t teach heart and this young gem has a ton of that. Walker is coachable and hungry to learn more to improve his game. With losing 4 of the 5 starts and bench players Walker knows he has to become the new leader of this team understanding it’s a rebuilding year and there will be a lot of work to do. But it begins with him elevating his game and his role to become that leader to anchor this young squad. With hard work and dedication Walker knows he can achieve anything. Not locked in on a certain division level but developing into the best version of himself he can be while always committed to pushing himself to get better. A star in the making and in the end, a name the state of KY will know well. Stay tuned.

Cavaan Hambrick
Twitter: @CavaanHambrick1
Height: 5’9, 140
Class of 2027
School: Shawe Memorial, IN

Hambrick is a three-point specialist to the tune of 40% from downtown. A dynamic and fierce athlete with a sprinter’s speed which helps him blow past defenders with ease for easy baskets. Last season playing JV Cavaan averaged 14.3 points per game and playing up on varsity playing with 7 seniors in limited playing time didn’t score much but gained valuable experience that set the stage for him his sophomore year with that varsity team where he will push for a spot to make a huge impact. In this AAU session, Cavaan playing for the Southern Indiana Shock wants to be a true leader and get better at handling pressure situations. Catching a little of his games in the @VEAHoops action at the Cam Jackson Showcase, Cavaan did just that in a couple of close battles I watched. An intense competitor that was fearless and performed at a high level against great competition. Cavaan more than held his own and thrived as a leader out there. It motivates Cavaan when he is overlooked because of his size and he loves to punish anyone before him on both ends of the court ending that whole idea. When you see Cavaan in action it comes to mind, dynamite comes in small packages. When his team is down Cavaan is fueled by the fire within to step up. When facing adversity, Cavaan takes a deep breath and relaxes, understanding that being calm no matter what you face on the court at all times is how to keep a level head without panic or frustration which is very important. Coaches can expect Cavaan to be a leader on the court and coachable, hungry to learn and improve. Like a sponge, he soaks up instruction without ever arguing and executes it to perfection. Cavaan isn’t too focused on what level he will play on the next level but putting in the work to be the best player he can be right, understanding the grind never stops and the future will take care of itself if he handles his business on the court right now being the best he can be in this moment. Growth and development are what’s most important to Cavaan, learning how to elevate his skill as he competes while striving to get better and better. A humble kid who already has a nice impact when shines out there and is destined to be a name we will know and remember. Stay tuned.

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