By; Kenny Orr

These 25 players stood out at some point in this scouts eye. In no particular order.

1) Jerec Thompson (5’11” Guard) Mid State Magic Sports 15u c/o 2022
A shooter, a scorer all rolled into one. Not a shot he can’t and won’t take. When he is ON he is ON. Can play off or on ball. A hard cover for opposing defenders. Mr. Buckets.

2) Jaden Hicklin (6’3” Guard) Next Level SC c/o 2022
Can take over a game whenever he wants. Shoots, drives & has major bounce. A ball of intensity on both ends of the court. Gets where he wants whenever he wants. College ready frame.

3) Xavier Madison (6’2” Guard) Verticle Thunder c/o 2021
Simply put, this guy can score the BB. You name it he can do it. Three Ball, Mid-range, Drives, Transition, In Traffic, Over Defenders, Through Defenders, Around Defenders. Checks all these boxes.

4) JaQuan Fletcher (5’10” Point Guard) D1 Dynasty Lions c/o 2021
The BB is a yo-yo in his hands. A one man press break. A one man fastbreak. Facilitates the offense setting up his teammates, can and will score when he needs or wants too. The Floor-General.

5) Trevez Caldwell (6’1” Guard) PlayGround Elite
When dialed in everything he shoots goes in. Can run of points in bunches. Opposing players struggle to guard him b/c he is so crafty with the ball. Can score off ball and on ball.

6) Nathaniel Ledford (6’2” Guard) Flight 22 Asheville c/o 2020
Smooth operator who gets it done. Ultra effective shooter who knocks down shots often. Space and Opportunity means a score when he shoots. Deadly range.

7) Elijah Huffman (6’4” Wing) Team Wall SE 2022 c/o 2022
Flat out gets it done on the court. Scores the BB with efficiency. Plays hard nosed defense and grabs rebounds at a high rate. Will mix it up with anybody on the court. A stat stuffer for sure.

8) AJ Cook (5’11” Guard) CC Elite 2022 c/o 2022
No frills business like approach on court. Makes the right play at the right time. You better know where he is on the offensive end of the floor. Has a solid all-around game. This kid leaves it all on the court.

9) Arthur Knight (5’8” Point Guard) Columbia Hoyas Elite 17u c/o 2021
This ball of muscle is supremely athletic. Will & can score in bunches or whenever he wants or needs too. Shoots the three ball & attacks the basket. Competes at a high level. Not backing down from no one.

10) Ronald Horton (6’3” Wing) Team Loaded NC 2023 c/o 2023
Shoots the three (3) ball effectively & efficiency. A must find on the offensive end of the floor. All his shots from wherever were good shots. When he steps on the court he has the green light.

11) Cletus Smith Jr. (6’4” Wing) PSB Robinson c/o 2021
Solid all-around game. A Swiss-army knife type of player. Effective at all areas when on the floor. Stat box is full at end of game with this young guy. Does whatever his team needs him to do. Unselfish!!!

12) DeAndre Gourdine (6’3” Guard) D1 Dynasty Lions c/o 2021
The definition of a shooting guard. Scores efficiently, moves well without the ball to get open looks. Can put ball on the deck for a mid-range jumper or attacks basket. Doesn’t miss too often.

13) Emmanuel Hughes (6’1” Guard) Upward Stars Columbia-Moore c/o 2020
Athletic guard. Can score in a variety of ways. Three ball, Mid-Range game, Attacks the basket & In Transition. Solid All-Around game. Plays both ends of the court like its a last possession.

14) Ty Black (5’11” Guard) Team United Elite c/o 2022
Can flat out shoot. Loves the three ball and when he shoots it most likely is going in. Moves well within the offense, has a quick trigger with a high arching shot. Unlimited range from behind three line.

15) Grady Bizyak (6’3” Forward) Garner Road 2022-Morris c/o 2022
Mixes it up with any & everybody. Has a knack for the ball on both ends of the floor. Stands out because he makes plays. Clutch when he scores! A solid basketball player with a strong balanced skill set.

16) Carson Shirley (5’11” Point Guard) CCH Select 2021
Efficient point guard who has that scorers mentality. Gets his team involved but has the ability to take over a game when he has too. Smooth with the ball in his hands. Sees the court very well.

17) Yaturi Bolton (6’4” Guard) LowCountry Ballers
Long & Athletic. A dominant force on the court for his team. A triple-double waiting to happen. He scores, defends, does it all. His motor never stops when. This kid is a highlight reel waiting to happen.

18) Jameson Tucker (6’1” Guard) Mauldin CPA Longhorns c/o 2021
Hard nosed, gritty player. Makes plays all over the court. Defensively he gets after it which leads to his Offensive production. Competes at a high level every second he is on the court. A scorer for sure.

19) Ja’Quaveon Venable (6’1” Guard) Royal Knights
Ultra quick guard. Looks to score every time he touches the ball. Very crafty with the ball in his hands and always moving without the ball. At his best when in transition and attack mode.

20) Andrew Colasurdo (6’3” Guard) Verticle Thunder c/o 2021
Hard nosed no nonsense player. Has all the physical tools. Fundamentally sound in everything he does. Grown man body that uses it. Can shoot, handle the rock & makes plays.

21) Kaheim Kimbrough-Roach (6’5” Wing) D1 Dynasty Lions c/o 2021
A high flyer. Lanky wing with off the charts athleticism. Uses that to make plays all over the court. Runs off points in bunches. Crafty with the ball in his hands and a terror in transition. Poster maker!!

22) Brandon Wingo (6’2” Forward) PSB Elite-Jones c/o 2021
No thrills type of player. Just gets it done on the court. Solid fundamentally sound player. Has to play bigger than his 6’2” frame but that doesn’t stop his motor. Leaves it all on the court.

23) Chancellor Morrow (6’5” Forward) Queen City Ballers
Every game this guy scores baskets. Uses his body to position his self for easy scores. Rebounds on both the offensive and defensive ends. A walking double-double for his team. Gets after it.

24) Omarion Farrar (6’5” Forward) Capital City Pacers 16u c/o 2021
Long slim forward. At his best in transition. Uses length to make plays on both ends of court. Nice jumper, will put ball on floor and attack the basket with wild close outs. High volume rebounder.

25) Avery Armstrong (6’2” Guard) Rock Hill Ballers c/o 2021
A shooter for sure. Will let it fly from deep, 1 or 2 dribble pull-ups, catch & shoot situations and off screens. This guy has a text book shooters stroke. Mechanically sound player offensive player.

Phenom Staff Scout,

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