7’ 2020 Jeriah Coleman
Great Bridge Christian (Norfolk, VA)

Coleman walks onto the floor with a great frame. He is a very fluid athlete who has great hands and natural timing. He was able to knock down his free throws and transition effortlessly from defense to offense. Coleman is new to Virginia, transferring down from Alaska this summer. So he is new to the radar and conversation, however he is one who will immediately make his presence felt with a world of upside. He has picked up recent offers from Bowling Green and Hampton, more to come.

6’9” 2021 Shaumba Ngoyi
Heritage Christian IJN WV (WV)

This weekend served as the third and fourth official games Ngoyi has every played. That tidbit should not get lost in all of this as he rapidly improves game by game. Ngoyi has a natural offensive feel for the game, showing confidence and touch over his left shoulder along with nice touch from the free throw line. He blocked a ton of shots and was a good rebounder. His rate of improvement will be rapid and steep, keep watching closely and around this time next season be ready to pounce on board.

6’4” 2020 Ambaka Le Gregam
Freedom Christian (Fayetteville, NC)

Le Gregam is new to Fayetteville, from France. The 6’4” guard was comfortable playing on or off the ball, as he played some as a secondary handler, in the half court. In Freedom Christian’s first game he showcased deep range off the catch and explosion as he caught the dunk of the event (putting it down on two people). Le Gregam is a very good player with a world of upside and Head Coach Anquell McCullum will get him right.

6’7” 2021 Omarion Bodrick
Independence High School (Charlotte, NC)

Bodrick plays a great role on this stacked up Independence High School team. A team who starts 3 signed scholarship players and another who has yet to sign in Raja Milton (all four are seniors). Bodrick is a quick twitch athlete who is able to both protect the rim and move his feet on the perimeter. He has great length and instincts and plays with a tough mentality. Bodrick plays aggressively, downhill on offense and really fills the lanes. Next season will be a big one for Bodrick as it will be his team. Watch him grow closely though, there are a lot of tools.

6’10” 2020 Aymeric Toussaint
Freedom Christian (Fayetteville, NC)

Toussaint is a long and rangy player who steps on the floor, looking the part. He is a very good athlete who actually came in second place in the event’s dunk contest. He runs the floor very well, filling the lanes. He was very impressive in his ability to grab and go, pushing the break off the rebounding and initiating offense. The French native has a ton of fluidity and upside and it appears the light has come on.

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