One of the best parts of this job, is watching a kid come from goofy and gangly to prospect. Typically this transformation is done with natural growth and filling out, however you cannot discount the amount of hard work put in.

6’8” 2017 Jacob Brown of Winston Salem Christian fits this mold. He first came through our doors a year ago, to the 2014 Fall NC Phenom Camp. We noticed him then because, not only his size, but his ability to shoot the ball with deep range. Yet his strength and athleticism were sorely lacking. And, as with most young and gangly bigs, his confidence was up and down.

Fast forward to the next time we put our eyes on Brown, the 2015 Spring NC Phenom 150 camp. At this point Brown had enjoyed playing an entire year on his high school’s varsity team. He came back and showed some toughness and a willingness to mix it up in the paint. He rebounded his area and finished some, within 8 feet. Still able to shoot the jump shot with a feathery touch, Brown’s game was developing and his confidence was gaining.

Fast forward another couple of months to the Phenom Hoops Challenge, and it is like you are looking at an entirely different player. He was attacking the rim, with both hands, off the bounce. He was making jump shots. Finishing at the rim with both hands. The confidence level looked to be matching up with the skill set. For the event, Brown averaged 17 points and grabbed 8 rebounds per game.

The kid started out as a gangly big kid, unsure of himself and within a year’s time turned into the go-to player on the Team Winston 16U team. Brown still has some work to be done, he still needs some strength along with the rounding out of some skill sets.

You have to appreciate a big kid that can step out and make threes consistently. However, Brown has gotten better each time we have seen him. His game has rounded out and overall skill set improved. This kid is the classic type that flies under the radar. Don’t let Brown fly under your radar.

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