Indy Top 80 Camp

Team 9 Evaluations

Coach: Matt Qualters

#9: 5’11 ’19 Daniel McKeeman of Fort Wayne Carroll (Fort Wayne)

Daniel McKeeman is point guard that made his presence felt at both ends of the floor with his intensity and hustle. He’s an exceptional ball handler with an impressive ability to pass the ball to teammates and his ability to stretch the floor makes him a threat from anywhere. Next in his development is continued improvement at the defensive end of the court, which would allow Daniel to maximize his ceiling. Coach Qualters on McKeeman: “Daniel has an exceptional ability to command the ball and push the pace of play. His ability to drive-and-kick, as well as finish at the rim will help him succeed at the next level. If Daniel is able to continue to develop as a shooter, he will be able to grow his pick-and-pop game as well.” Daniel made big plays for his team at the offensive end; with a lot of untapped potential, he is just scratching the surface.

#10: 5’11 ’20 Michael Saunders of Lawrence North (Indianapolis)

Michael Saunders is a point guard who controlled the game at both ends of the court with his quickness and athleticism, Michael Saunders. He scores the ball efficiently from all three levels, with the ability to finish at the rim over defenders. Harris has an exceptional feel for the game with a tight handle while the ball is in his hands. Next in Michael’s development process is continued improvement on his shooting, as it’ll assist him in his ability to space the floor off the ball. Coach Qualters of Saunders: “His ability to attack the rim opens up all aspects of his game. His ability to defend the ball at a high level allows teammates to leave him isolated, even against bigger guards. Michael rebounds exceptionally well at his position, and his court vision affords him the opportunity to always make the extra pass.” Michael’s quickness and athleticism make him an exceptional defender; as his offense continues to expand look for an exciting junior season.

#27: 6’1 ’20 Avery Beaver of Lafayette Jefferson (Lafayette)

Avery Beaver is a high volume scorer at the offensive end, demanding the attention of the defense on every possession. Offensively, he is able to score efficiently from all three levels, and his ability to create space makes him a tough guard around the perimeter. His high basketball IQ and court vision allow him to find the open man when drawing a double team. While very sound already, one can expect Avery’s defense to improve as his game matures. Coach Qualters on Beaver: “Avery is an exceptional teammate and this is evident in how he moves the ball. His ability to find the open spot the court allowed him to get a plethora of open looks. His willingness to pursue 50/50 balls creates several extra possessions for his team.” Avery’s ability to handle the ball and fill up the bucket will open up other facets of his game heading into his sophomore season.

#28: 6’1 ’18 Sean East II of New Albany (New Albany)

Sean East II is a leader for his team at both ends of the court given how hard he is willing to push himself. His ability to finish at the rim makes him nearly impossible to defend, and his ability to stretch beyond the three-point line makes him a matchup nightmare. Sean’s willingness to pass makes him an exceptional teammate that others enjoy playing with. Sean’s next step will be his willingness to pursue the ball of the glass. Coach Qualters on Sean: “Sean is an extremely gifted finisher at the rim, at times impossible to stop. Sean is able to push the pace of the game, allowing his teammates to get open looks in transition. Sean is able to make something out of nothing when the ball is in his hands. Sean’s high basketball IQ and ability to make winning plays will allow him to succeed at the next level.” Expect Sean and New Albany to again compete for a state title as they did in 2015-16 heading into his senior season.

#46: 6’3 ’19 Brennan Neal of Whiteland (Greenland)

Brennan Neal is a high-energy player, with the ability to create plenty of extra possessions for his team during the course of the game. Brennan is able to guard individuals with more height, but his ability to wall-up and walk-through forces opponents to finish over him. As his game continues to grow, you can expect to see improvements in shooting from Brennan. Coach Qualters on Brennan: “Brennan’s ability to get 50/50 balls and rebounds provides second chance opportunities that wear down the defense. His ability to guard multiple positions and keep the ball in front prevents his teammates from having to help-off. Brennan is extremely aware of his positioning on the court, spacing properly each and every trip down the court.” Neal’s high ability to defend will allow him to come into his own at the offensive end heading into his junior season.

#47: 6’3 ’19 Avery Paddock of Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria)

Avery Paddock is a natural leader, slowing the pace of the game when things get out of control at either end of the court. With an ability to catch-and-shoot, Avery spaces the floor extremely well and is able to score efficiently outside the lane. Avery’s willingness to sprint back and stop the ball on every possession ensures that no easy baskets are given up. Expect Avery to continue to develop as a finisher, which would open up scoring at all three levels. Coach Qualters on Avery: “Avery is a voice of reason for the team, calming people down when things get tough at either end. He is a willing passer, with an incredible ability to handle the ball. His willingness to crash the boards at the offensive and defensive end helps create extra possessions. His high basketball IQ allows him to read the court and space as needed.” Expect Avery’s leadership, and ability at both ends of the court will serve him well heading into his junior season.

#66: 6’6 ’18 James Burns of Lafayette Jefferson (Lafayette)

James Burns is a vocal leader, who makes his living at the defensive end of the court. James is a long, athletic forward, with an exceptional ability to attack the basket. His finishing ability makes him a threat any time he is able to get to the rim, and he is able to create second chances off any of his misses. His vertical makes him a threat to go up and grab the ball from even the tallest of defenders. Expect James to continue to develop as a shooter, making him an extremely complete player at both ends of the court. Coach Qualters on James: “James is an emotional leader for his teams, demanding more out of his teammates at both ends of the court. His ability to penetrate and finish makes him a threat every time he reaches the rim. His ability to get stops defensively fuels his game at the offensive end. His athleticism and quickness allows him to get past even the best defenders at the offensive end.” James is poised to have an exciting senior season, and should garner the attention of opponents at the offensive end of the court.

#67: 6’6 ’19 Nathan Childress of Zionsville Community (Zionsville)

Nathan Childress is an exceptional defender, with an ability to lock down opponent’s ay any position. Nathan is an exceptional back to the basket finisher, putting it in the basket consistently inside. His ability to finish inside, paired with his ability to stretch out to 15’-17’ allows him to stretch the floor as his team needs. Nathan’s ability to get 50/50 balls and rebound at his position creates extra possessions throughout the course of the game, and makes him a critical piece of the team while he’s in the game. Expect Nathan to continue improving his shot, allowing him to stretch beyond the three-point line. Coach Qualters on Nathan: “Nathan is an exception team player and a very willing passer. His strength combined with his ability to wall-up under the basket makes him difficult to finish over. His willingness to get other open shots will allow him to experience continued success at Zionsville.” Nathan’s willingness to make the right play and win the ball will serve him well during the course of his junior season.

#84: 6’10 ’19 John Michael Mulloy of Carmel (Carmel)

John Michael Mulloy is an exceptionally gifted shooter, and possesses the natural ability to elevate the game of those around him. John Michael’s willingness to pass the ball at an extremely high level, combined with his natural ability to score the ball make him a threat with and without the ball. He possesses the unique ability to skip pass from anywhere on the court, in particular when drawing a double team. John Michael has the ability to score at all three levels and is not restricted on distance. His unique combination of both size and shooting makes him a matchup nightmare. Expect John Michael to mature as a defender, as he is only heading into his junior season. Coach Qualters on John Michael: “John Michael’s court vision and passing ability is second-to-none. His ability to score from all three levels and crash the glass for put-backs is extremely unique, given his length.” John Michael’s game at the both the offensive and defensive game will continue to grow, and with two years left at Carmel, the future Butler Bulldog has an extremely bright future.

#85: 6’10 ’21 Rocco Muratori of West Lafayette (West Lafayette)

Rocco Muratori is an exceptionally gifted big, with an extremely high ceiling. Standing a true 6’10’ heading into his freshman year, his size makes him a difficult matchup. Still very raw at the offensive end, Rocco has a great feel for the game. Rocco’s ability to set high ball screens and get his guards open makes him a valuable asset. Expect Rocco to continue to improve his finishing ability as he natural puts on muscle throughout the course of his high school career. Coach Qualters on Rocco: “Rocco’s feel for the game will prove to be extremely valuable. He is deliberate in all of his post moves, and is a willing passer out of the post. When grabbing offensive rebounds, he keeps the ball high and puts it right back up. His ability to keep opponents off the glass prevented second chance opportunities, and allowed us to push the pace of the game.” Expect Rocco to continue to grow at both ends of the court as he is only heading into his freshman season.

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