Indiana Top 80
Team 5 Player Recaps

#5 5’10” 2020 Hunter Jackson of Cathedral HS (Indianapolis, IN)
Jackson displayed a high basketball IQ on both ends of the floor. He showed the ability to get into the paint often, using both hands. He has tight ball handing ability with good quickness and passing ability as a true point guard. Jackson’s camp coach stated, “Hunter has an incredible ability to run the point. He finishes well around the basket and has a solid shot from the perimeter. Defensively he guards the ball with a purpose.”

#23 6’ 2020 Michael Skadberg of McCutcheon HS (Lafayette, IN)
Skadberg came into camp with a great attitude throughout. He showcased good court vision and was best in catch and shoot situations. Skadberg defended off the ball and in transition well and moved very well without the ball. Skadberg’s camp coach stated, “Michael is willing to go out and make a hustle play. If he gets and open look he will shoot it, in rhythm and will knock it down. He is willing to defend anyone on the perimeter.”

#32 6’1” 2018 Kegan Owen of Greenwood Christian (Greenwood, IN)
Owen showed great effort throughout the entire camp. He displayed great shooting mechanics off the catch and good passing skills. Owen also defends well on and off the ball. Owen’s camp coach stated, “Kegan is absolutely the scrappy player that all programs need, he plays the game with an intensity not often seen. He is an offensive threat from anywhere on the floor and he is willing to guard anyone, anytime.”

#41 6’4” 2018 Kobe Clancy of Scencina Memorial (Indianapolis, IN)
Clancy showed good range on his jump shot, especially in catch and shoot situations. He has good quickness and athleticism in his game. Clancy’s camp coach stated, “Kobe can play multiple positions on the floor with his athleticism. He can shoot it from anywhere and if he is willing to improve his movement off the ball he could be close to unstoppable. Has the ability to lock up anyone, on the ball.”

#51 6’4” 2020 Carson Barett of Lafayette Central (Lafayette, IN)
Barett had a great understanding of team concepts on both ends of the floor. He showed good ability to pass the ball, seeing the floor well. He also thrived in doing the tough guy stuff, rebounding and defending off the ball. Barett’s camp coach stated, “Carson has great determination on the court. His willingness to guard anyone makes him a joy to coach. He has skill on offense and his confidence is building on that end.”

#60 6’6” 2019 David Ejah of Carroll HS (Ft Wayne, IN)
Ejah really took to learning during camp, asking questions and implementing what he learned on the floor. He is a big strong and athletic wing who was able to get to the rim often, using both hands. He also was able to defend multiple positions and rebound very well. Ejah’s camp coach stated, “David was the only player who walked up to me during camp and asked what he can do to improve. It is this type of drive that will help him to succeed at the next level. He is a dynamic force offensively as he can attack and finish from any angle. Defensively he is strong and able to guard multiple positions.

#71 6’6” 2018 Wil O’Connor of Greenfield Central (Greenfield, IN)
O’Connor came into camp with a great attitude and gave great effort throughout. He has a high basketball IQ, moving very well off the ball and seeing the floor and passing it well. O’Connor has good shot mechanics with a quick release in catch and shoot situations. O’Connor’s camp coach stated, “Wil uses his length well on the offensive end. He has good inside-out ability, knowing what to do and how get it done.”

#80 6’8” 2018 Zachary Rinehart of Avon HS (Plainfield, IN)
Rinehart came into camp with a great attitude and took well to being coached. He showed a nice array (and confidence) with his back to the basket moves and rebounded his area well. He also showed good court vision and the ability to see the floor. Rinehart’s camp coach stated, “Zachary is a big body who attacks rebounds with a passion. He is an intelligent player with his back to the basket, knowing when to score it and when to pass it.”

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