Indiana Top 80
Team 3 Player Recaps

#3 5’10” 2019 Zach Banks of Westfield HS (Westfield, IN)
Banks had a good concept of team play. He is able to get into the paint, using both hands well. Banks has the ball on a string and is good in transition, especially on defense. Banks’ camp coach stated, “Zach is extremely quick in the open court. He changes speeds very well and is able to penetrate. He has above average vision and is able to create for everyone off the bounce. A true point guard.”

#16 6’ 2018 Mason Hamby of Manchester HS (North Manchester, IN)
Hamby had a great attitude throughout the camp. Hamby showed to be a good ball handler with the ability to get where he wants off the bounce. Hamby’s camp coach stated, “Mason is a good ball handler and very strong with the ball. He has a quick crossover, looking to drive first but is not afraid to shoot with good range. He is solid defensively and moves very well off the ball.”

#21 6’ 2020 Turner Royal of Bloomfield HS (Bloomfield, IN)
Royal came into camp with a great understanding and concept of team play. Royal has a good looking jump shot, with the ability to knock it down off the catch. Royal’s camp coach stated, “Turner is capable of shooting when he is open, he has good form and a quick release. He is a good ball handler capable of getting his team into sets.”

#34 6’2” 2020 Rowan Farrell of McCutcheon HS (Lafayette, IN)
Farrell gave great effort from start to finish in the event. Farrell has the ability to get downhill, off the bounce, and showcase his length and athleticism. Farrell’s camp coach stated, “Rowan is a lanky and athletic/quick 1-2 guard. He has good handles and vision, is the best with the ball in his hands. Rowan is a good driver and finishes well at the rim. His 3-ball is above average and he is a threat there off the dribble or the catch.”

#39 6’2” 2020 Jack Townsend of Bloomington North (Bloomington, IN)
Townsend has deep range with a quick release and great shooting mechanics. Townsend has a good basketball IQ and uses both hands equally well. Townsend’s camp coach stated, “Jack handles the ball well in the half court. He has deep range off the catch and is a very confident shooter with deep range.”

#53 6’4” 2018 Rilee Epley of Evansville Harrison HS (Evansville, IN)
Epley has a high basketball IQ with a great attitude throughout the day. He is tough defender, both on and off the ball, and rebounds the ball well with good vision and court sense. Epley’s camp coach stated, “Rilee showed aggressive play when rebounding. He is a pass first type of player who is comfortable spending time on the block. Rilee can step out and shoot 3s.”

#58 6’5” 2019 Noah Applegate of Penn HS (South Bend, IN)
Applegate gave great effort throughout the event. Applegate is a very athletic player who has the ability to get into the paint and finish at the rim. Applegate’s camp coach stated, “Noah has a power forward body, but can handle and shoot the ball well. He is extremely athletic with quick moves and is a strong finisher. He steps out to shoot the 3 very well and is capable of playing in the post. He is a very aggressive rebounder and excels rebounding offensively.”

#73 6’6” 2019 Nate Soltis of Cardinal Ritter (Pittsboro, IN)
Soltis has a great frame and an understanding of team play. He has a high basketball IQ and is a tough player when it comes to defense and rebounding. Soltis shot the ball well at all levels and was able to attack the rim off the bounce. Soltis’ camp coach stated, “Nate is big and physical and displays good athleticism. He carries a power forwards body but can handle and shoot the ball well. He is an above average 3-point shooter, rebounds aggressively and excels on the offensive boards. A smart player.”

#78 6’8” 2019 Hogan Orbaugh of Zionsville HS (Zionville, IN)
Orbaugh had a solid basketball IQ and gave good effort through the game. He is a good area rebounder who has solid post moves and able to use both hands on the block. Orbaugh’s camp coach stated, “Hogan is a big banger in the post. Post fundamentals are his strong suit. He has a very good baby hook. Hogan is an above average finisher, will shoot it well with open 3s. Hogan is an aggressive rebounder.”

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