​Indiana Top 80
Team 2 Player Recaps

#2 5’9” 2018 Treyton Smith of North Putnam HS (Coatsville, IN)
Smith came into camp with a great attitude, giving great effort throughout the day. He shot best off dribble and was able to get into the paint often. Smith’s camp coach stated, “Treyton does a good job of distributing the basketball. He has the ability to get in the lane and make plays. He has good court vision which leads to easy baskets for his teammates.”

#17 6’ 2021 Maxwell Jacobsen of Lafayette Harrison (Lafayette, IN)
Jacobsen displayed a high basketball IQ throughout the day. He did most of his heavy lifting on the defensive end, playing hard on and off the ball. Jacobsen’s camp coach stated, “Maxwell plays with toughness and effort. With this understanding of team play, he has the potential to develop into a solid point guard.”

#20 6’ 2019 Ben Nicoson of Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN)
Nicoson showcased a true fire when it comes to team play. He displayed great vision on the ball and moved very well off the ball. Nicoson’s camp coach stated, “Ben has a tremendous basketball IQ. He is a leader on the floor and doesn’t turn the ball over. Ben looks to get others involved as he can also create for himself. He pressures the ball well, a very good PG.”

#35 6’2” 2020 Andrew Froedge of Blue River HS (New Castle, IN)
Froedge showed a great attitude throughout camp, having a high level basketball IQ. He showed the ability to get into the lane, attacking the basket with either hand. Froedge’s camp coach stated, “Andrew has the ability to attack the rim and get into the paint. He played hard, on both ends, from the start to finish.”

#38 6’2” 2018 Logan Smith of Mt Vernon HS (Indianapolis, IN)
Smith gave great effort throughout camp. He used his quickness on both ends of the floor, proving to be a good defender and the ability to get into the paint. Smith’s camp coach stated, “Logan is a quick guard who is able to create well off the bounce. He uses his quickness off the dribble to get his teammates involved.”

#45 6’3” 2020 Bernie McGuiness of Guerin Catholic (Fishers, IN)
McGuiness displayed a high basketball IQ and acceptance toward coaching throughout camp. He showed the ability to make shots as well as a good understanding of how to get the ball where he needed it to go. McGuiness’s camp coach stated, “Bernie has a solid all around game. He shot the ball, handled it and shows a ceiling as a basketball player.”

#54 6’4” 2018 Brayden Gault of Battlefield HS (Haymarket, VA)
Gault has great size and showed great effort and incredibly high basketball IQ. He is a shot maker at all 3 levels and showed the ability to defend and rebound as well. Gault’s camp coach stated, “Brayden displayed great versatility. He can shoot with deep range and in the mid-range. He has the strength to get to the basket and finish with either hand. He plays the right way and extremely hard.”

#57 6’4” 2020 Charlie Yoder of Westview HS (Lagrange, IN)
Yoder displayed a great attitude throughout camp. He showed the ability to score the ball at multiple levels with good length and soft touch. Yoder’s camp coach stated, “Charlie displayed a great accuracy in his shooting. He uses shot fakes well to create space to get his shot off. He also has long arms which helps defensively.”


#74 6’7” 2019 Ali Ali of East Noble HS (Kendallville, IN)
Ali showed a high basketball IQ on both sides of the floor. He has great length and a good size that really matches well with his skill set along the perimeter. Ali’s camp coach stated, “Ali has great length. He has the ability to play both inside and outside. His athleticism will help him to protect the rim, get into the passing lanes and guard on the perimeter. He has the ability to get to the rim and finish, as well as shoot out to the 3-point line.”

#77 6’8” 2018 Kace Kitchel of Lewis Cass HS (Peru, IN)
Kitchel is an incredibly tough player, showing no fear in doing the things that take heart. He is very athletic and strong, making him a very good rebounder. He shot the ball well off the catch and showed footwork and an IQ to get open off the ball. Kitchel’s camp coach stated, “Kace has the ability to play inside and out. He shoots the jump shot well and attacks the basket with intensity. Kace finished through contact at the rim. He set great screens and is a good pick and pop player.”

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