Mr Top 80
6’7” 2017 Kris Wilkes
North Central HS

To anyone who was at Lawrence Central High School it was evident that Wilkes was the easy choice here. During the day Wilkes tallied 30, 33, and 20 point games for an average of 27.7 points per game. However, it was more so how he scored. He was blissful in transition gliding down the court, he was thunderous at the rim as he powered home dunk after dunk, and he was skillful at the high post as he scored off the bounce and with the pull-up. It was a complete day for Wilkes, who had it turned on during this event. Wilkes conjures memories of Quincy Miller and could follow a similar path as a Top 10 prospect and eventual pro.

Mr Playmaker
6’2” 2016 Kyle Guy (Virginia)
Lawrence Central HS

Guy brought in a reputation as a scorer, a trait which he showed off at this event. Guy’s scoring came in a variety of ways, but it was mostly predicated on his ability to get downhill often. However, when getting downhill Guy really opened eyes with his ability to distribute the ball. He showed a number of passes off the bounce, delivered on time, for easy buckets. We will be eager to track guys career at Virginia, where he should experience a nice career.

Mr Station
6’10” 2016 Joey Brunk (Butler)
Southport HS

Brunk came into the camp with a great demeanor. He went through each drill with 100% purpose, working on the finer points of the drill. From the opening tip, his motor ran hot as he tracked every rebounded and worked to establish position on each possession. Brunk pulled out the full scoring arsenal as he faced up to attack the basket, finished in the post with a move and counter, and even stretch out beyond the three point arc. Brunk should contribute early at Butler and really take off as the game slows down for him.

Mr Defense
6’3” 2016 Mekhi Biffle (Marian)
Lawrence Central HS

Biffle was a late add to the event, but he wasted no time in making his presence felt. Biffle contributed on the offensive end as he was able to score both in the lane and with his jump shot. However, Biffle’s athleticism was his calling card on defense. He was able to defend the ball as well as the wing with equal production. After watching Biffle for the day, we were amazed that he is going to an NAIA school. Local D1s missed on this one.

Mr Hustle
6’2” 2016 Hunter Crist
Hamilton Heights HS

From the opening tip to the final whistle, Crist’s motor was running full throttle. He is a player’s player in the fullest sense. Crist seemed to be around every loose and 50/50 ball. In his play style he reminded some of an Aaron Craft, in that he just made things happen will all out effort. Crist is a yes sir/no sir type and a natural leader on the floor. We are eager to see where his recruitment takes him.

*Caveat- Players had to be present to win their award. The original winner of the Mr Defense award was Jaren Jackson, however he had to leave so he could make John Lucas Camp

6’9” 2017 Jaren Jackson
Park Tudor HS

Jackson passes the look test, he passes the lineage test, and on the floor he passes the play test. Jackson has a 7’3” wing span and a set of broad shoulders to go along with his 6’9” size. Jackson’s father had a 13 year NBA career as a 6’4” shooting guard. On the court, Jackson has a skilled offense skill set and great defensive timing to block shots and rebound. Jackson is just starting to figure his game out, he has the look that he is still growing. As he continues to grow into his body, watch out…

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