Team First

On the good teams the sum of the parts is better than its individual pieces. And on the best teams, those pieces are able to shine because they each buy into their specific role.

A lot of situations you find kids that are put into situations and asked to possibly do too much, or perform tasks that are outside of their comfort zone. The Hoop Hill – Middleburg team is a very good team. They have good individual pieces that are able to play above their abilities because of each player’s ability to buy into their role.

The team is led by 6’6” junior Andrew Corum. Corum is a long and very active lefty whose best skill trait is his anticipation and motor. Corum defends multiple positions and routinely leads the team in rebounds. He carries a unique offensive skill set that shows a good wing handle and a high IQ of off the ball movement.

This past year, Middleburg Academy, in Sterling, Va., won the 1A VISAA state championship. The reason that is pertinent information is that, the core of this Hoop Hill team all played for that Middleburg Academy team. Not only do they know how to win, but they also know how to play together.

While it was Corum that averaged 17 points and 9 boards per game, and he was the play the opposition keyed on. 6’1 Junior AJ Robinson is the x-factor for the team. The high academic Robinson is a sure shooter, with deep range and a confident handle in the half court. Both Robinson and Corum claim offers from Longwood, while Robinson is garnering major interest from the Ivy and Patriot Leagues and Corum from the Big South and CAA schools.

Last year Robinson averaged 16 points and 2.5 assists for Middleburg Academy and went through the David Rose Memorial Day Classic averaging 16.5 points per outing. As was mentioned previously in the article, Robinson’s success is predicated on his ability to make shots, from multiple levels.

This team is far from a two-man show. They have pieces all over the court like 5’10” tough lead guard Ayegi Edwards, 6’2 strong and athletic Forward Joe Adebayo, and versatile 6’4” wing Myles Lewis. All of these guys defend, all of these guys rebound, and all of these guys attack the rim.

Some teams are filled with star power. Other teams are filled with team guys, guys who find their role and defend in a tough manner. Our good friend Marcus Shockley posted a quote the other day, and I think about it when I see this team, “Find out what you’re not good at, and don’t do it”. This team is a team, and each player plays to their strengths.

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