There may not have been a player in the southeast that experienced more of a rise than Fulkerson. Nationally, he rose from relative obscurity to being a hot commodity.

When the AAU season started Fulkerson only carried a couple of offers. If you fast forward to finishing the AAU season, in the Phenom Summer Havoc, he now carries 24 offers. He is now also ranked in 247 Sports top 247 players in his class.

Fulkerson transferred from Dobbyns-Bennett HS (in eastern Tennessee) to Christ School last season. After watching Fulkerson at Christ School over a year ago, we said, “Get to know the name of Junior John Fulkerson. At this point he is a slender, left handed, 6’8″ skilled forward who has a 7″ wing span. Fulkerson can post on the low block and finish with a jump hook, over his right shoulder. He can face up from the arc, and make a jump shot or attack the rim. Fulkerson also possesses great explosion, he is good for at least one breathtaking dunk in traffic per game, and has great timing block shots on the block. Watch for Fulkerson to explode during the summer, and be a common name in recruiting circles heading into his Senior season.”

In narrowing down from his 24 offers, Fulkerson has two that stick out, “I am setting visits to Tennessee and UNC Charlotte.”While Fulkerson is not publically saying these are his top two schools, they are the only schools he is setting visits with, “As of now those are they only two I am setting up.”

Fulkerson also has his eyes open going into these visits. He has some very specific things that he is looking for, “I think a little bit of everything, but especially how the coach interacts with the players. I am interested in seeing their style of play and the schools transfer rate. A lot of little things like that.”

Fulkerson is not done with his climb. As more people continue to see him there is no doubt that he will continue to rise the rankings. A lefty with this kind of length, skill, and explosion turns heads. Make sure to check out Fulkerson and his Christ School team at the Phenom National Showcase November 13 and 14.

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