Here are some names that caught the eye of our scouts at Phenom Hoops.

Carolina Magic

5’11 ’17 Rodney Hansley- Coaches need to take a look at Hansley, who has been a near-dominant scorer all summer. He handles the ball well and scores on all three levels quite efficiently.

6’6 ’18 Elijah Lockhart- Strong forward that has great feel inside the arc, where he’s able to score almost at will; Lockhart has a strong frame and rebounds really well for his size.

Mid State Magic

6’4 ’17 Mason Clement- High academic forward that could benefit a number of programs; he is very long and active on the floor, able to disrupt opponents on defense with ease.

6’4 ’18 Jahmal Walden- Scrappy two-way wing that makes all the hustle plays and will do anything necessary to put his team in a winning position; he plays his role extremely well at all times.

NC Spartans West

6’4 ’19 Cliff Harris- Player with incredibly strong intangibles; he is very intelligent and plays both sides of the ball effectively. Harris is simply underrated in all facets of the game; he’s an integral part of a winning team.

6’6 ’19 Cameron Caroway- Smooth three-level scorer that can be even more useful in a reduced role, where he doesn’t have to carry the teams’ offense; Caroway has a high IQ and can get a shot off against almost any defender.

Team United EYBL 16U

6’8 ’19 Nicholas Evtimov- Traditional throwback big man that has unbelievable polish in the low post, where he is nearly an automatic scoring option. He is a strong two-way rebounder that plays with a high motor at all times.

6’0 ’19 Khalil Robinson- Scrappy lead guard that controls the offense; he knows how to involve all of his teammates and still carry plenty of the scoring load; Robinson has a tight handle and high IQ.

Manzer Basketball Club

6’7 ’18 Sam Woods- Long and athletic describes Woods, who is an intriguing option at either of the big man positions; he plays above the rim on most blocks and dunks. Woods plays with a high motor and is a quality rebounder; he plays within himself very well.

6’1 ’18 Jaylen Johnson- Best defender (and possibly athlete) in the gym without question; Johnson is a bulldog that can cover players much bigger, stronger, or faster than him relatively easy given his incredible positioning and foot speed.

6’2 ’17 Justin Busby- The unsigned senior is almost certain to find a home soon, as he can provide quality shooting to a number of programs. Busby shoots the ball frequently from three and with great confidence; he’s also a solid ball handler and distributor when needed.

NC Spartans East

6’7 ’18 Ben Uloko- The big man’s recruitment has shot up considerably in the recent months, and rightfully so, as he has been controlling the paint on both sides of the floor. Uloko has phenomenal touch around the basket and is strong enough to move anyone out of his way.

6’5 ’18 Maverick LaRue- Strong-bodied wing that can score on all three levels efficiently, play as the secondary ball handler, and defend multiple positions well. LaRue should be an intriguing piece to watch going forward.

All or Nothing

6’0 ’17 Savion Townsend- Long guard that gets involved on both sides of the ball and hits the glass with a purpose; he plays with a high motor and within the team.

5’10 ’18 Ephraim Butler- Tough guard that puts the team ahead of individual success; he makes plays on defense with his quality positioning and quick hands. Butler is solid at getting his teammates involved.

Flight 22 Tennessee

6’2 ’17 Nathan Hayes- Solid two-way guard that doubles as a leader on both sides of the ball; he scores well and plays with great speed/quickness. Hayes is an available unsigned senior whose best basketball could be ahead of him.

6’8 ’18 Michael Cody- Strong two-way interior presence that rebounds exceptionally well and can score efficiently from midrange-in. Cody understands the two-man game well and can roll or pop in those circumstances.

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