Development in basketball is an interesting thing. On one hand, it takes a lot of work for the vast majority of players to understand the game and how to produce within a team structure. However, there are some rare cases of a player simply possessing natural instincts and ability. After watching him for multiple viewings, it’s clear that Dylan Twitty is one of those uncommon prospects. Although he’s still just beginning to scratch the surface of his identity, Twitty is already an elite rebounder with length, athleticism, and an impressive frame.

Twitty was featured in our Player Superlatives from G3 Live, where we stated, “There’s something so tantalizing about watching a young, unpolished gem of a prospect starting to harness their long-term potential, which is exactly what’s happening with Dylan Twitty. Between his experience (less than a year), physical tools, and unique instincts, the appeal should be fairly obvious. At 6-foot-7 with impressive length and fluidity, Twitty is already quietly one of the best rebounders in North Carolina. He possesses an uncommonly strong nose for the ball and seems to be involved on every missed shot—both inside and outside of his area. Rebounding is often referred to as an effort stat, which is true to an extent, but it’s also something that most players get better as they understand angles, how the ball bounces, etc. That statement is arguably what makes Twitty’s natural feel so incredible. He’s still just learning yet clearly impacts the game more than most of his peers. Additionally, Twitty is a solid finisher who battles well for position and utilizes his length effectively on both ends of the floor. He alters shots at a solid rate and runs the floor properly in transition. It’s still early, but Twitty has all the makings of a guy who should trend upward over the foreseeable future.”

Although that excerpt encompasses most of his appeal, there should be a lot of optimism about his continued growth. His offensive game seems to progress each time he touches the floor, but he’s already able to make a constant impact as a rebounder and defender with the ability to switch onto perimeter players. Twitty runs hard in transition and does a great job of capitalizing as a finisher—both through contact and on putback opportunities. He’s clearly vaulted himself into being a college-level player, but there is still so much potential remaining. Twitty will be a player for coaches to track closely going forward.

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