When the Dunk Dog All American team was announced at the CP3 Rising Stars camp, it came as no surprise that 6’0 twins Keyshawn and Kobe Langley were in the Top 20 game. While the twins have a “similar” game, Keyhawn is right handed while Kobe is left handed, and that may be one of the few differences that have on the court. Both are quick on quick guards and play equally on both sides of the ball. We were impressed with their defensive tenacity and were “pests” the entire weekend on opposing guards.

Keyshawn is always in attack mode. He has tremendous quickness and a wicked crossover that allowed his to constantly get to the rim with ease. His body control is high level and may have been of the best penetrating point guards the entire weekend.

Keyshawn has unbelievable court vision and his passing skills are simply off the charts. He combines athleticism along with a high basketball IQ and understands the game like a seasoned senior rather than a rising freshman. While Keyshawn is a passer friendly and past first PG, he has the ability to score from all levels on the court. He can knock down 3-point shots or stop on a dime and use his pull up jumper.

Kobe is the “lefty” and may have a little more flash to his game. He has a textbook jumper and looks to be more of the scorer. That being said, Kobe made his mark on the defensive end of the court. We were impressed with his aggressiveness defensively.

He challenged opposing players and even made some hustle blocks doing transition. Simply put, he took as much pride defensively as he did offensively! Kobe is a very smooth and fluid player and the game comes extremely easy to him.

While the Langley twins have a tremendous reputation on the court, one has to be impressed with the level of effort and energy that is given. They give 100% effort 100% of the time! Off the court, both are excellent students and high character young men. As far as college coaches, go ahead and mark the Langley twins in your SIM CARD.

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