We are here to say it again, and it was evident when watching this group at the Phenom G3 Showcase LIVE this past weekend in South Carolina. Mid-State Magic is a program that college coaches should be all over, and it was easy to see.

Whether you are looking for unsigned seniors or prospects in the class of 2025, this is a team that offers next-level talent, which is why we are diving into players who played really well this past weekend.

If you are looking for an unsigned senior, we have two that can fit that role for you. 2024 6’10 Kotchi Wilfried has the size, physicality, and skillset that can help a team. He embraces being a force down in the paint, battles through defenders well, and uses that strong frame to his advantage on both sides of the floor and on the boards. It was easy to see that he could help a program. 2024 6’7 Taky Prosper is another, and he is a unique prospect with his ability to impact a variety of areas. He flourished early as a force down in the paint, being all over the paint and the boards, nearly being a double-double every time we watched him. He has expanded his game though, being able to step out more and make plays in a variety of other areas, as well as being more comfortable with the ball in his hands.

Now, in the class of 2025, this is a team that offers a lot as well. 2025 Tyshaun Goldston is a big dual-sport athlete who excels on the football field and on the court. He can score effectively, has great positional size, is a high-flyer at the rim, but also can knock down shots and guard multiple positions on the court. 2025 Joel Deigna is another player that I would strongly recommend watching. He still is developing his game, but he offers strong flashes with his game; finishing at the rim, excellent out in transition, strong at the rim, and ability to rise up to knock down shots.  Every time I have watched him, he is one I believe offers a nice game early on but still think there is more to come overall.  And lastly, 2025 Josiah Love, a 6’2 guard that really helps this team and offers a lot on both sides. He is a natural glue piece on the court, can score and make plays, is a competitor on defense, and just does what is needed for his team to win.

This is a roster that offers a lot and college-level prospects, and they showed throughout the event during the LIVE Period and we are eager to see which programs decide to jump on board.

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