By: Kevin Moses

Chase HonarvarÂ
Twitter: @BigChase_33
Height: 6’7 , 215
Class of 2025
School: Bishop Seabury Academy, KSÂ

Honarvar is that blue-collar stud every coach loves and another classic big with a secret weapon. Chase has incredible footwork and a low post-dominator. Not flashy or jaw-dropping athleticism but that tough gritty gem that thrives doing that dirty work. When it looks like he only had a solid game at the end he might have 15 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, and 8 blocks. Chase just finds ways to impact every facet of the game. Taking pride in a defensive mindset yet can score inside and out. Chase loves being physical and imposing his will in the paint and midrange on both ends of the court. Chase is a ruthless shot-blocking machine.

Last AAU session, Chase averaged 10.7 points, 11.4 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 5.6 blocks, and 1.8 steals. Wearing the label of an old school big due to the fact Chase loves Being a fierce rebounder, and shot blocker who creates shots for others, he went into the last offseason determined to develop an outside shot to become a more versatile player expanding his game even adding the ability to drive to the hoop when needed. In the season, Chase averaged 14.7 points, 15.3 blocks, 2.7 assists, 7.5 blocks, 1 steal, and 2.8 deflection. This performance earned him 2nd in the state in rebounding (15.3), 1st in the state in blocks, and 3rd in the Nation. Out of 26 games Chase was 2nd in the state 5x Triple-Doubles, 1A -1st Team All-State, Sports in KS 1A -1st Team All-State, Sports in KS Nob-Senior Player of the Year, KAW Valley Conference Player of the Year, 1st Team All-Conference (KAW Valley), Recruit Look All-Class, All-State Tournament Team, Prep Hoops 1st All-Tournament Team. shattering the school record for blocked shots of 200+ career Blocks in high school (326 current, with the state record of 420 within reach). Chase’s biggest accomplishment in last year’s AAU session was traveling to AK and playing against a team with a 6’10 kid who was ranked, who was 30 pounds heavier, and who was playing well against him. With the eye test, this was a mismatch but Chase outworked him and didn’t allow him to get into position to control the paint area. Chase’s goal for this AAU session is to continue to become a bigger offensive threat at all three levels while continuing to improve his defense, the wheelhouse of all his skills. Chase also wants to continue to get stronger, more athletic, and increase his vertical. Chase is determined to stay in the gym mastering his jump shot. The next level of his game is to be able to stretch the defense. That only comes by putting in the work in the gym with endless hours of shooting.Â

The most impacting event for Chase this season was losing at the State Tournament. They got so close and to lose, it hurt. But Chase is using that as motivation to get back to states again his senior year and not lose. His promise is if they make it they will not lose there again.

Chase’s defensive swagger that dominates games separates him from the rest. While from high school to the NBA everyone is focused on his offense, he purposely loves to play defense and he works hard at it. And where most depend on their athleticism, Chase, though he isn’t the most athletic, works his tail off to make up for it, with grit and timing. No doubt Chase is a D1 talent and wants the challenge of playing against the best D1 bigs out there. He welcomes all doubters as he will use them as fuel like he has his whole life, Chase has had everyone he wasn’t good enough, not athletic enough to play this game because he doesn’t pass the eye test. He blocked out all the noise and proved them all wrong to this point. Why stop now? Chase will continue to move forward to his success. In reality, Chase knows if he doesn’t grow anymore he will play a different position in college and he needs the opportunity to keep playing, no door is shut. Stay tuned as we put Chase on our radar of names to know.Â

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