This past weekend, Phenom Hoops hosted our annual Hoop State Challenge in Bermuda Run, North Carolina. The event proved to be loaded with talent from all ages and highlighted several of the top teams/players in the state. Among those players, CJ Rosser was as appealing as anyone on display.

Yesterday, we wrote, “Although there were a lot of enticing young players, CJ Rosser the most impressive long-term prospect in the building. Far from a finished product, Rosser already showcases frequent flashes of being a walking mismatch. Standing at 6-foot-9, his combination of fluidity, athleticism, and ability is highly uncommon—much less at 15 years old. Rosser possesses quality feel on both ends of the floor. He utilizes his long arms and high motor to fly around defensively, blocking shots, forcing turnovers, and consistently deterring opponents from attacking. Rosser swatted several shots along the interior and perimeter while staying engaged as a rebounder. He highlighted really impressive capabilities from beyond the arc. Rosser’s mechanics, release point, and ability to hit jumpers off the catch, standstill, or movement makes it easy to see him becoming an elite shooting theat. He appeared comfortable attacking off the bounce, making routine passes, and capitalizing on second-chance opportunities around the basket. Right now, it’s difficult to envision a scenario where he’s anything other than special. Should Rosser continue to add strength and progress, he will absolutely be one of the top prospects in the country.”

Prior to the excerpt above, we had the opportunity to speak with Rosser about his game, expectations for the summer, and developments going forward…

JB: Talk about your freshman season at Northern Nash.

CR: It went pretty good. We made it to the third round and should’ve won, but ended up losing by one point. I learned a lot throughout the year.

JB: Travel ball is now underway. Talk about how things are going and what you expect over the coming months.

CR: It’s going good so far. Everything is good, meeting new teammates; there’s nothing else I can ask for.

JB: How would you describe yourself as a player? Talk about your strengths.

CR: Shooting over people and making plays off the dribble. I’ve been trying to work on my post game ever since our playoffs ended.

JB: What are some things you need to work on going forward?

CR: Ball-handling and getting more comfortable handling the ball.

JB: Who are some guys you model your game after or watch a lot of film on?

CR: I watch a lot of KD. The way he gets to his spots. Paul George, too. The way he handles the ball. They don’t fold under pressure.

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