Day Two Recap

Loaded 17s Comes In Fast and Furious
Team Loaded sent both their North Carolina and Virginia 17U teams to the event, and both of them put on shows. The 17U program is a high flying show time type team. 6’3 Jaylen Fornes had the dunk of the event (maybe the AAU season) and 6’5 2016 Larry McLeod stayed above the rim. Very fun, crowd pleasing, team to watch.

Team Loaded Virginia has all the length one could want. Their wings and bigs are all mid to high level guys, and are equally able to take over a game. 6’5” Richard Washington is a smooth scoring wing, 6’6Xavier Green is a versatile defender and play-maker, 6’8 Javin Delaurier is a high motor defensive force, and 6’9 Mamadi Diakite is an athletic freak. When their guards are making shots, this team is a tough one to compete with.
Hoop Hill – Middleburg: A Team
Most of the guys play on the same high school team, a high school team that won a VISAA state title last year. So they have familiarity with one another. They are led by 6’1 guard AJ Robinson and 6’6 forwardAndrew Corum. The highly academic Robinson is a shot maker. He has handle, range, and unwavering confidence. Corum is 100% motor. Defensively he is blocks and deflections and on offense he is downhill and put backs.

Individual Standouts
Logan Vosburg 6’6 2017 Mid State Magic
No on works harder on a game to game basis. The sturdy, smooth shooting Vosburg scored 26 points and grabbed 13 boards in a late afternoon game.

Romaeo Ferguson 6’5 2015 Upward Stars – Raleigh
Lots of intrigue here. At 6’5, he is a point guard. He handles, reads the game, and is a great passer. In 3 games, Ferguson averaged 18 per game leading his team to a 2-1 record.

Josh Thompson 5’11 Unsigned Senior Team One on One
Thompson controlled the pace of the game, to the tune of 24 in the first one. Sturdy guard is a paint getter and should not still be on the market at this point.

JJ Matthews 6’8 2016 River City Reign
Matthews came out the gate with a huge 28 point performance, and followed it up with an 18 point game. Down 20 pounds since February, the strong and active big is hitting his stride and becoming a force.

Game of the Day
While there were many great games, it was the last game of the night, but River City Reign – Iverson and WCBA was a great battle. The match up of guards was high level with River City Reign – Iverson’s 6’1 Maliek White and WCBA’s 6’ Andrew Evans. Evans finished with 20 points and White had 14.

The post-match up also was interesting. 6’5 Demetrius Bastian was able to extend the floor. The power 3/stretch 4 has a 6’11 wing span shot the ball very well. 6’8 JJ Matthews was a force in the paint all night for River City Reign – Iverson. He scored early and often from 15’ and in. In the end, River City Reign – Iverson took home a 79-76 win, and advanced in bracket play.

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