The great thing about Phenom Hoops events is it allows kids a chance to become known. Phenom Hoops always brings in the top talent, but it also gives a lot of local unknown talent the stage to step up and write their futures.

Here are some players who started their story this weekend from the 2016 class.

JJ Matthews 6’8 River City Reign
(Millwood School Va)

We know this seems like an unlikely breakout guy, as he already has some buzz and over 10 offers. However, all of his offers are in the mid-level range. JJ Matthews breakout was one that warrants high major schools to start to seriously get in on him. Matthews already carries an offer from Boston College, however, with his play at the David Rose Memorial Day Classic more schools at this level need to be in on him. On Championship Sunday, Matthews went for over 20 points and 10 boards both games, facing off against Team Loaded Va and Team Loaded NC.

Andrew Corum 6’6 Hoop Hill – Middleburg
(Middleburg Academy Va)

Corum in a known name on the smaller scale VISAA circuit. His team won the 1A state title this year and he was the best player on that team. In this event, he showed that while unorthodox, his production carries over against the high level kids too. Corum, a lefty, has a unique game that isn’t like many others. He has legit size, and length. But his greatest skill set is most likely his tenacity and motor. Corum has a great handle from the wing. He attacks the rim with keen movement off the ball and straight line drives. We would like to see him shoot the ball better and work on his right hand handle, but he averaged 21 points, 11 boards, 3 steals, and 3 assists for his team’s 5 game weekend. He produces.

Romaeo Ferguson 6’4 Upward Stars – Raleigh
(Burlington School NC)

Ferguson is a 2015 high school graduate, but has already been admitted to Moravian Prep in Hickory, NC for a post graduate year. Ferguson was the leader of a state championship team this year and is an NC Phenom 150 alum yet his unique style causes him to fall under the radar. This event showed that Ferguson is a Division 1 point guard. He has great handle in the half court, a great IQ as he lets the play develop and makes the correct read, and understands pace. With Ferguson’s length he is able to defend multiple positions. While at prep school we would like to see him get his jump shot together, but D1s don’t miss on him again.

Nick Sherod 6’4 Team Loaded Va
(St Christipher’s Va)

Much like Matthews, Sherod isn’t really a break out per se, he has over 15 offers. However, in this event he showed that high major schools should start to seriously be in the mix for him. Sherod has a college ready frame, with long arms and strong shoulders. He also has deep confident touch, with the ability to catch and shoot or create off 1-2 dribbles. Let’s face it, shooters are at a premium and Sherod can get buckets with the best of them.

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