The name is unique, it is probably the first thing that stands out when talking about the 6’7” rising junior from Freedom Christian in Fayetteville, North Carolina. However, once you see Thank God Msughter play, his unique physical stature causes just as much of a stir as his name.

Msughter, a native of Nigeria, stands at a very strong 6’7”, his muscle tone is immediately apparent on his ripped arms. Speaking of his arms, Msughter has a 7’2” wing span. These arms are used to not only protect the rim, but rebound in the paint and dunk everything within 5’ of the rim. Not only does Msughter has a ripped frame, and long arms, but he has massive hands. He palms the ball and makes it look like a tennis ball, or grape fruit.

Once Msughter starts to play, his frame makes sense as so much more than a “warm-ups all American”. Msughter is a high level rim protector, and when you couple his 7’2” wing span with his 38” vertical leap, you begin to realize the terror Msughter can have on the rim.

As for the name, Msughter told USA Today’s Jason Jordan, ““My mom had a tough labor and when I finally came into this world she decided to name me ThankGod,” Avar said. “Most people just call me T.G., but I like having a different name. It means a lot to me because my mom died when I was 5 years old.”

College Coaches: You can see Msughter play with Fayetteville Elite in the CP3 Live on July 17-19 in Winston-Salem. He is a high level rim protector and very aggressive in the paint. Check out the video below for a small taste of his EXPLOSION!

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