Bigs That Can Play
Everywhere you look coaches are asking for bigs. The ones that showed up at the CP3 Live were treated to a bevy of bigs to choose from.

6’7” 2016 Akia Pruitt – Very long, very active, very athletic. Pruitt had a plethora of put back dunks and has even made 10 3s to this point.

6’8 2016 Quantra Taylor – A sturdily built work horse. Taylor has sneaky athleticism, and a high motor for chasing boards.

6’7” 2016 Giovanni Fraser – When you first look at Fraser you see his 7’ wing span and tight end like shoulders. After you watch him play, you see footwork, explosion, and good defensive timing.

6’7” 2017 Chase Johnson – High IQ and skilled, Johnson finished facing the basket and above the rim. Said to be still growing, there is a lot to like with Johnson

6’7” 2016 Grant Williams – With Tennessee, UCF, Rice, Yale, Providence, and Richmond all in watching, Williams did nothing to disappoint. Shot the ball well and rebounded his area.

6’7” 2016 Quate McKinzie – McKinzie has a 7’ wing span and a 35”+ vertical. He is a rim protector and rebounder at his floor. Yesterday, he made shots and set up team mates from the high post.

6’7” 2016 Thank God Msughter – Explosive and loud, Msughter showed patience at the rim to go along with a 7’4” wing span and 38” vertical. Affects the paint.

Tyler Hooker
Formerly committed to East Tennessee State, the Hillcrest High School graduate has resurfaced at Moravian Prep in Hickory, North Carolina. Hooker is still a dog of a lead guard, who defends in your face for 94’ and gets into the paint at will. He was a surprise show up to the event, but had a lot of coaches excited to come across him.

His recruitment will be very interesting with his year at Moravian Prep.

High Flyers
There is something about the dunk that just gets the crowd in a frenzy. The CP3 Live certainly has its share of guys playing above the rim. However, a couple stood out with their ability to consistently be above the rim.

6’2” 2016 Zavian Jackson – Most people have seen Jackson’s mix tapes, the bounce is real. When he gets in transition it is going down, when he gets into the lane, he has one thing on his mind, bang.

6’4” 2017 Jalen Cameron – On day 1, Cameron had two HUGE dunk ons. He continued his high flying act through day two, as he put an assault on the rim. Cameron has a sneaky bounce that surprises, but finishes.

6’7” 2017 Chris Clayton – Clayton doesn’t pass the traditional high flyer look test, but once he gets downhill, all bets are off. The sturdy Clayton has finished a varied amount of lobs and put backs throughout the event.

6’5” Post Grad Xavier McDaniels – He comes by in naturally, as his dad is long time NBA high flyer by the same name. McDaniels is long, and when he gets downhill, he finishes with thunder above the rim.

6’5” 2017 Reggie Davis – his game is that of a junk yard dog, doing the stuff most don’t enjoy. However, he cleans the glass, and is good for one game changing dunk per game.

Devante Carter is a Player To Watch
Coaches, get out and watch this big bodied guard. He carries offers from Kansas State and Old Dominion, but his play at the CP3 Live with many high majors in the stands he will warrant much more, and quickly.

The Crowd and Coaches
The crowd was spectacular throughout the day. They showed up with standing room only and got loud and cheered, a great thing to be a part of.

We had multiple coaches show up from 10 D1 conferences as well as many D2 and D3 schools. A lot of kids got looks from schools, some picked up scholarships and many picked up new recruitment.

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