There is no getting around it, Hargrave Military true senior Iran Bennett is a very large man. Growing up in the Durham/Carborro area of North Carolina, Bennett has be a known name locally, but for whatever reason nationally he never caught on.

With his move to Hargrave, and his new found dedication to nutrition and conditioning Bennett is about to turn heads at the highest level. Bennett finished this summer playing with his local USA United team out of Durham. For them, at 6’9” Bennett tipped the scales around 325 pounds. Only on campus for a month, Bennett has already dropped 20 pounds. In fact, in practice today, Bennett made the time on every one of his wind sprints.

After his domination in the 2015 North Carolina Top 80, we wrote Iran Bennett possesses tremendous size. He’s simply a big/strong kid that will fool you with his athleticism and footwork in the post. He has passer friendly hands and is a two handed rebounder who keeps the ball high over this head. Iran has unbelievable potential and upside and once he gets serious about conditioning, he will be coveted by many of the high major programs in the country.”

At this open gym, on this day, Bennett was the most dominate force on the court. On a team with Top 30 nationally Derek Funderburk, a 6’9” Navy commit, a 6’9” Army commit, and a high major 7’ that is saying something. Bennett has great hands, seemingly catching everything in the post. He has loose hips in the post and very good footwork on the blocks.

When Bennett is on the floor he can quite simply be dominate. Playing for Mt Zion last season, he came to Hargrave and posted a 38 point 22 rebound performance. Hargrave Head Coach AW Hamilton said, “That performance was the most dominating we faced all season.”

Only on campus for a month, Bennett has dropped 20 pounds. He will be at Hargrave for seven more months. We are very eager to see how dominating Bennett will be in February.


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