He is a little bit of an unknown to the majority of the public, but 6’9” Allasane Seck plays as a man amongst boys. Last year Seck attended Bull City Prep a basketball academy in Chapel Hill. Assistant Coach Mike Cotton, who was up the road from Bull City Prep at NC Central last year was very familiar with Seck’s situation, and did well wrapping this one up.

Seck will come into Kennesaw St in the current 2015 class. He is having some transcript issues as Bull City Prep sent their players to Pace Academy. Well Pace Academy has since shut down, so Kennesaw is working toward getting his grades. The transcript issue should be taken care of over the next couple weeks, and Seck should come in and take a red shirt year this season.

Seck knows who he is as a player and doesn’t venture much outside of 10 feet. The lefty has long arms and a sturdy build and has great motor around the rim. Especially with the red shirt year, Seck will continue to only get better.

2015 CP3 Live
6’10” 2015 Alassane Seck (Team Go Hard)

Seck is a lengthy big that knows he is a big. He stays within 5-10 feet of the basket and blocks shots and rebounds. CP3 Live was our first look at Seck, after an eye opening showing during that event we are eager to see what week two looks like.

Seck is the fifth player Kennesaw St took in their 2015 class. He joins Florida shooting guard (and another Phenom Hoops alum) Kyle Clarke, Hawaii shooting guard Josh Burnett, Serbian wing Kosta Jankovic, and Georgia wing Tracy Hector Jr

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