6’7” Amidou Bamba first came down from Canada last season and quickly made an impression. Bamba, a 4.0 student, wields a 7’3” wing span and appreciates doing the dirty work around the rim and in the paint.

Playing in one of North Carolina’s toughest conferences, last year Bamba averaged 9.5 points, 6 boards, and 1 block per game. Playing for a Canada Elite program that made it to the finals of the Under Armour Circuit, Bamba averaged 6 points, 4.5 boards, and 1 block per game in only 15 minutes of action.

The very sturdy 230 pound Bamba, works hard in the paint. He should be able to contribute at Coastal Carolina early due to his skill set. He has good defensive footwork and uses his hips well when positioning himself for rebounds. Bamba has touch around the rim and is getting more comfortable with touch going over his left shoulder.

Even in his limited time in the US, Bamba has participated in multiple Phenom Hoops events. Let’s see what we have written about him in the past.

2014 Phenom Hoops Open Gym Tour
Amidou Bamba
Long and Athletic

6’7 ’16 Amido Bamba is just a physical presence in the paint. Standing only 6’7, Bamba sports an enormous 7’3 wingspan. Offensively, he didn’t take many face up jumpers, but he is a workaholic in the paint working for low postposition. However, we were impressed with his ability to set strong/wide screens and to roll to the rim the correct way. He was textbook in running the pick and roll. Bamba has good hands and plays with energy. Although he has a huge 7’3 wingspan, we would like to see him play more with his hands up on the defensive end of the court. In speaking with the coaching staff, he is like a sponge and has improved immensely since transferring down from Canada.

2014 Phenom High School Jamboree
6’7 Junior Amidou Bamba High Point Christian

Bamba is a work horse, a strong big that enjoys doing big guy things. An import from Canada, this year, Bamba rebounded and finished at the rim often throughout the day. He is one that you need to see multiple times before passing judgement, but there is no denying the consistent production.

2015 Phenom Hoops Open Gym Tour
6’7” Senior Amidou Bamba
The Forgotten One

Currently, Bamba sports an impressive 4.0 GPA and has offers from Loyola of Maryland, Brown, and Dartmouth. He is now getting interest from Yale, Denver and even Georgia Tech. In addition, Bamba sports an enormous 7’3 wingspan and is excellent at protecting the rim. Offensively, he scores a lot of hustle points, but has developed a nifty left hand jump hook shot in the paint. Off the court, Bamba is a high character young man. He has his priorities in order and takes his academics as important as his athletic success. He is such a soft spoken and humble person, but carries himself with integrity. You may not know a lot about Bamba, but make sure you do, he’s quality will be the glue guy that is always important in championship runs

After taking three (3) players in the 2015 class, Bamba is the third (3rd) commitment in Coastal Carolina’s 2016 class. He joins Kentucky shooting guard Wade Coomer and Virginia center Onyx Boyd.

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