Dondre Griffin has long been a name on recruiting radars. The 6’3” power lead guard first broke onto the scene at the Fall 2013 NC Phenom 150 camp, and continued to gradually raise his level of play each year.

Griffin averaged 15 points per game during his junior season leading the way for the 19-7 (11-3) Knightdale High School. Knightdale High School, which is also the home of Italian pro and 2013 Big South Player of the Year Stan Okoye.

Griffin, who picked up over 15 offers along the way, committed on Friday to Murray State over a final grouping that also included Appalachia State, Western Kentucky, and James Madison. Griffin is a power lead guard that possesses great size for his position. He follows in the very successful line of Murray State’s lead guards, Isaiah Canaan and Cameron Payne.

Griffin has been to multiple Phenom Hoops events over the years, let’s see what was said:

Fall 2013 NC Phenom 150 Camp
#144 6’3 2016 Dondre Griffin of Raleigh, NC:

Dondre has the size and athleticism to be a really special PG if he continues to make players around him better. We really like his size, strength and speed for his position. Dondre can physically overpower most point guards, which makes him so difficult to guard. He really has a bright future in front of him and is oozing with upside and potential. Dondre is a definite “buy now” stock player.

Spring 2013 NC Phenom 150 Camps
6’3 ’16 Dondre Griffin of Neuse Christian (NC)

Dondre has poise about him and possess a nice handle, although he does have a tendency to get caught up in the flash and crowd. That being said, he has the “ball on a string” and can control the game with his ball handling skills and ability. Coach John Allen stated, “Dondre was one of the best ball handlers and passer at the event. He just needs to get lower on penetration to insure that his base isn’t disrupted by players just as strong and big.” With more game maturity, his game will take off to the next level.

2014 North Carolina Top 80
#26 6’2 ’16 Dondre Griffin of Neuse Christian Academy
Dondre already sports a college ready frame and is oozing with athleticism. Coach West stated, “Dondre is extremely athletic and quick. He has outstanding leaping ability and is explosive off the dribble.” Dondre is a scoring combo guard that can get it done on both ends of the court. His size and strength can create a mismatch for opposing point guards. The next challenge for Dondre is to transition from a scoring guard into the lead guard position, which will be a natural position at the collegiate level.

In 2015 Murray State picked up three (3) commitments. Griffin is the third (3rd) commitment for Murray State’s 2016 class. He joins Tennessee power forward Jalen Dupree and Texas small forward Gilbert Thomas

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