Phenom Hoops Exposure
Part 3 – Vast Social Media Presence
By Jamie Shaw

There is a reason Phenom Hoops is a nationally trusted source in providing exposure for prospective hoopers. Our platform of success is solely based on providing players as much exposure as we possibly can. In this day and age, there are many forms of exposure out there, some are apparent to the casual viewer and some may be a little more hidden to even the experienced basketball aficionado.

In this 4-part series we wanted to go through the different forms of exposure that Phenom Hoops excels at providing each player. There are many avenues of getting seen, of gaining maximum exposure and the Phenom Hoops exposure platform is something that is looked at by college coaches and scouts across the country.

We have figured that, ultimately, the end result of exposure is to earn an opportunity to play basketball in college. All of the articles, and tweets, and videos, and rankings, and pictures, and incredible exposure is all for opportunity, and that opportunity for players to play basketball in college.

In Part 1 of this series we took a look at the exposure the Phenom Hoops platform brings by putting hundreds of college coaches on the baselines (Click Here to Read). Part 2 of the series we took a look at Phenom Hoops’ wildly popular NCAA compliant scouting and recruiting service (Click Here to Read). In Part 3 of this series we will go over the exposure gained by Phenom Hoops’ vast social media presence.

“Social Media is all about the people, not your business…” -Matt Gaulart

Many people reading this series are probably aware of Phenom Hoops via social media. It is something that we give great effort towards, we are able to instantly put out information for the world to see with an instantaneous click of the button. Even if coaches and scouts are not at our events, they are able to follow along via social media.

Through the various forms of social media, college coaches at every level and across the country, follow what Phenom Hoops does. If you have time one day, click on Jamie Shaw (@jamieshaw5), Rick Lewis (@Coach_Rick57) or the Phenom Hoops (@Phenom_Hoops) twitter feeds and check out the people following. Every tweet, every one of those followers get an opportunity to read, in 140 characters, what we think. That is an incredibly powerful tool.

The entire social media spectrum has become so vast, with many different ways and methods to engage a market. You have places such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Snapchat, Youtube, Flickr, Reddit, Periscope, Google+, LiveJournal, WhatsApp and so many more avenues to utilize. We at Phenom Hoops decided to choose three apps that we felt best reached our target audience and really poor a lot into those three apps. You can find a robust presence of Phenom Hoops on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We keep up with each app daily, in hopes to keep the followers of each, filled with informative content.

“Across the globe there are over 300 million people who use Instagram Daily” -Ash Read

If you look on Phenom Hoops Instagram feed (Phenom_Hoops) we really focus on the players successes and events that we host. You will see players receive offers, you will see college coaches watching/recruiting specific players and you have the opportunity to see, first hand, vast platform of exposure. Instagram is nothing more than a picture and a caption, we feel who better to tell the story of Phenom Hoops’ Platform of Exposure than the actual players who attend and are able to utilize the platform.

As of this writing, Phenom Hoops has, right at, 9,400 followers on Instagram. This social media platform allows Phenom Hoops to connect with the audience and to visually tell our story. It physically shows people the result of prospects hard work through our platform and also visually tells the story of how important it is for coaches to play in the right events.

“Twitter helps set us and our customers apart. It gets the conversation started…” -Joe McEwan

Phenom Hoops most robust social media use is Twitter. Throughout Phenom Hoops users get millions of impressions throughout the course of a month. Our two ownership partners, Jamie Shaw and Rick Lewis, each lead the charge. Jamie (@jamieshaw5) carries just over 19,900 followers which provided him just over 2,890,000 impressions over the past 28 days. Rick (@coach_rick57) carries just over 25,200 followers which provided his twitter activity just over 3,660,000 impressions over the last 28 days. The Phenom Hoops feed (@Phenom_Hoops) is the quickest growing feed at 16,100 followers which captured just over 2,314,000 impressions over the last 28 days.

Impressions are the most important metric when measuring a social media platform’s impact. A Twitter impression is defined as the actual number of times tweets are seen; each retweet accesses more people that can view our database. Twitter allows Phenom Hoops to tell our audience about players, players’ achievements, events and those who follow our events almost instantaneously and in the most engaging way possible. The engagement is instant and the thoughts are quick and concise.

“Facebook is a 2-way communication platform used by over 1.6 billion people” -Ben Sailer

1.6 billion users, that is a staggering number. College coaches and scouts use this source of social media often as you have to request and be approved to be friends with anyone on the site. And with the ability to share posts and respond directly to a poster, the ability to expand your reach of Facebook is endless. The Phenom Hoops page on Facebook is following by 2,073 people. Jamie and Rick (our two ownership partners) are friends with a combined 7,943 people on Facebook.

Facebook also allows you to really narrow down a search and fan base. You are able to look by key words or locations in order to find friends or even content. Many use Facebook as their source of daily news.

It is an undeniable fact that social media is the way our culture is getting their news. Take a look at the picture above, even when at an event, college coaches and scouts are glued to their phones in the hopes of not missing out on anything. Again, Phenom Hoops has been built on a platform of exposure. We bring the coaches in the stands, we have a nationally recognized scouting and recruiting service and we take advantage of social media in order for millions of people to be able to see the successes of players at our events.

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