Phenom Hoops Exposure
Part 2 – NCAA Compliant Recruiting Service
By Jamie Shaw

There is a reason Phenom Hoops is a nationally trusted source in providing exposure for prospective hoopers. Our platform of success is solely based on providing players as much exposure as we possibly can. In this day and age, there are many forms of exposure out there, some are apparent to the casual viewer and some may be a little more hidden to even the experienced basketball aficionado.

In this 4-part series we wanted to go through the different forms of exposure that Phenom Hoops excels at providing each player. There are many avenues of getting seen, of gaining maximum exposure and the Phenom Hoops exposure platform is something that is looked at by college coaches and scouts across the country.

We have figured that, ultimately, the end result of exposure is to earn an opportunity to play basketball in college. All of the articles, and tweets, and videos, and rankings, and pictures, and incredible exposure is all for opportunity, and that opportunity for players to play basketball in college.

In Part 1 of this series we took a look at the exposure the Phenom Hoops platform brings by putting hundreds of college coaches on the baselines (Click Here to Read). We started there because putting players directly in front of coaches is the most obvious way of helping someone to play in college. In Part 2 of this series we are going to take a look at Phenom Hoops NCAA Compliant Scouting and Recruiting Service. It is another obvious form of exposure, however, 100% of the scouting service is done behind the scenes and many times the player does not even realize what is going on.

An NCAA compliant Scouting and Recruiting service is much like a consulting service, in the business world, bridging the gap between the high school player and the college coaches.

Because NCAA coaches are only able to be on the road certain days, they are not able to see every player out there. Scouting and Recruiting services act as the subscribing college coach’s eyes and ears on the road. Many times, the service acts as the liaison, between the player and the college program. With as many moving parts as there are, none of these conversations or reports are seen by the public.

It is a strict NCAA rule that college coaches are not able to talk to anyone about players (until the players sign their letter of intent) unless the player is in a report sent out by an NCAA compliant scout the school subscribes to. Becoming an NCAA compliant scout is a process. You have to go through an entire application process which is then vetted and approved or denied by the NCAA. There are strict rules the NCAA gives out, saying when you are able to talk to coaches, how you can talk with coaches, the information you are able to give to coaches, the type of reports you are able to send out, etc…

The Phenom Hoop Report has been an NCAA compliant scouting and recruiting report for 8 years now. Currently, around 150 schools subscribe to this service. The subscribers of the service are some of the top programs from across the country, 62% of the 64 teams who made the 2017 NCAA Tournament Field subscribe to the Phenom Hoop Report. Schools in 28 of the 32 Division 1 Conferences subscribe to The Phenom Hoop Report Service. This is a major reason why you see players who play in Phenom Hoops’ events strewn out in programs across the country.

The Phenom Hoop Report also has a number of Division 2 and Division 3 schools who subscribe to the service. As we mentioned above, our platform is to provide ALL prospects with the opportunity to play basketball in college.

Phenom Hoops has two NCAA compliant scouts on staff, Jamie Shaw and Rick Lewis. Both Jamie and Rick attend every single one of Phenom Hoops’ events, providing the eyes for each of these subscribing 150 colleges. Why this is important is that even in a Non Live period, every one of the schools who subscribe to the Phenom Hoop Report get all the information on players from the event. Every camp, every high school showcase, every travel ball tournament, every Top 80 event. The exposure for all the players is endless.

Attending the right events makes a huge difference in recruitment. Events whose operators are well respected by the college coaching community is much more money and time well spent. Being that Phenom Hoops has 2 NCAA compliant scouts, we send out reports on every event we host. We cannot speak for other event operators however both Jamie and Rick are texting, emailing and talking to coaches daily. As history shows the ones who perform well at Phenom Hoop’s events get recruited almost instantly.

Again, all of this is done behind the scenes and not many know about it or see it. However, being (and playing) in front of NCAA compliant scouting and recruiting services is a big deal. Especially, during non live period events. Phenom Hoops has figured out how to combine elite, nationally recognized events with high level exposure to NCAA compliant scouting and recruiting services. This is why all of Phenom Hoops’ events sell out, it’s proven KIDS GET RECRUITED.

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