6’7” 2020 Chase Cannon
Porter Guad (SC)
By Jamie Shaw

Walking into the gym Cannon immediately draws your eyes. He has great size to go along with length and a frame that begs to put on more weight. Once warm-ups and lay up lines begin, you stay fixated on Cannon. For all his size and length, he also has great bounce and is very fluid. Then when you find out Cannon is only a rising sophomore, you really dig what you have really walked in on.

Cannon is a lefty and plays with an all out aggression on the court. Last year Cannon attended Wando High School, where he played about half of his school’s games on varsity. This year he has transferred to 2 time defending SCISA state champion Porter Gaud. He will be playing with a college level senior front court in 6’8” Harrison Whatley and 6’9” Jake Lanford (12 D1 Offers).

The transfer to Porter Gaud will give Cannon time to come along at his own pace while he is able to practice every day against bigs, two years older will be invaluable in his development. After watching him this summer, his talent was inevitable, “Skinny, he will fill out and with that his power game will continue to grow. He contests well on defense and mistakes he made were often the result of being too aggressive. Lots to like here but still is a year or so away from being able to show all he is about.”

Cannon was invited to the South Carolina Top 80, set to take place on September 24. We are eager to see him compete in this format against the top prospects in his state. Without question it is a matter of time, Cannon is a D1 prospect and will be one that college coaches start making regular trips to see, soon.

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