6’7” 2019 Imajae Dodd – The Production Speaks Volumes
Greene Central (NC)
By Jamie Shaw

Finishing 26-2 and making it to the NCHSAA 2A Eastern State Finals, Greene Central experienced their best season in school’s history last season. This was in no small part to then 6’7” sophomore Imajae Dodd, who led the way with a double-double.

It was quite an accomplishment to break out from under the shadow of cross town rival Kinston, who Greene Central beat by a combined 45 total points last season. Imajae Dodd is a standout player on any court that he walks one.

At first look you wonder about his position, due to his size. However, you watch him play and any questions that you have about Dodd go directly by the way side. Dodd is a competitor of the utmost caliber, he takes winning and competing very seriously and that comes out in the nastiness with which he plays.

Dodd is a tough rebounder and defender. He is tenacious in the paint, taking every defensive possession seriously. He has great timing on defense, sending shots back with great timing and surprising explosion. Offensively, he has a full bag of tricks. He has the ability to face up and put the ball on the floor. When his feet are set, he has touch out to 18 feet, after setting jarring screens. On the block, Dodd has incredible hands to go along with footwork and patience to score consistently.

The North Carolina Top 80 is thought of as the most prestigious camp in the state of North Carolina. Its objective is to bring together the best players the state has to offer, regardless of class, public or private, and have them compete against one another under one roof. After Dodd’s first performance in the North Carolina Top 80 we wrote, Talk about a physical mature athletic and gifted young prospect! We absolutely love the work ethic and upside on the freshman. Coach Gary stated it best, “Imajae is a brick wall in the paint. He has strong hands and is an excellent two handed rebounder. He runs the floor extremely well and is not afraid to take it strong to the basket. Imajae has a great attitude and is a sponge when it comes to instruction.” The next step in his development is to enhance his low post moves such as a jump hook over either shoulder. In addition, Imajae combines strength and quickness and will only continue to get better and see his stock rise. All the ingredients are there for Imajae to be a big time player at the next level.”

Often times, you hear “if only Dodd was a couple inches taller”, which is a wrong way of thinking. When you go in and watch what Dodd does, on a nightly basis, his ability and natural gifts far supercede any type of questions you may have in his game.

The 2010 state census tells us Snow Hill is a town in Eastern, North Carolina of just 1,595 people. Dodd currently carries offers from East Carolina, Coastal Carolina, Charlotte, Tulane, Old Dominion. Snow Hill is going to have a lot of traffic from college coaches this season.

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