Mike Christmas Takes a Major Step
By Jamie Shaw

It has just been announced that Mike Christmas has transferred to Huntington Prep. We figured this the perfect time to go through Mike Christmas as a prospect and a standout in Phenom’s Stay Positive Live this past July.

The first time we came across Christmas was in Octber of 2015 (Click Here for the Full Article) when our Frank Bennett said very matter of fact (and spot on), Mike Christmas is a physically imposing and very skilled wing forward who combines power with grace… You’d be hard pressed to find a 2019 who can match Mike Christmas’ skill and physical attributes.” In case you weren’t familiar with Frank Bennett, he is out in front of all the talent in Eastern Virginia, he will typically get a spot on review out on kids from his area months (if not years) in advance of others.

Even writing about Christmas during the very beginning of his freshman year, Frank saw a unique talent in the 6’4” forward. He talked about Christmas as an almost dominating presence on the floor with the ability to score in multiple ways.

Fast forward almost two years, to this July where, now 6’6”, Mike Christmas dominated Phenom’s Stay Positive Live playing with the Boo Williams 16u EYBL team. Christmas displayed an undeniable knack to score the ball at all 3 levels. He carries a strong frame, with great length and a crafty nature with the ball.

After this performance in this event we further echoed Frank’s statements from two years previous, Christmas is a physically dominant player. He has great length and strength which he couples with a high motor and interestingly crafty skill set. Christmas scored, in a straight line, at all 3 levels on Thursday. He put it on the floor well for 1 and 2 dribbles and shot the ball off the catch. It will be interesting to see where his offer sheet plateaus at, it should go higher than it is as he is a tough and highly productive player.”(Click Here to Read the Full Article)

Christmas currently claims early offers from Texas Tech, VCU, Saint Louis, Old Dominion, James Madison and Hampton. With Christmas’ ability to score the ball, at his size, we foresee his recruitment taking on a high major feel. He could also find his way into some national top 100 rankings. Track now…

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