Team 1: Ben Stywall

No. 65 5’9 ’21 Carter Whitt (Trinity Academy)

After an outstanding day at the NC Junior Phenom camp, Carter came back on Sunday to play with the high school division. He blended in nicely with the high school players and the future looks extremely bright for this talented young point guard. Coach Stywall stated, “Carter did a great job throughout the day of pushing the up the floor and finding his teammates for easy baskets. He has a very nice handle that allows him to change directions very easily and make plays.” We were impressed with his overall court vision and passing. Once he gets to high school, he is definitely one to monitor. He is definitely a fun player to watch.

No. 111 6’0 ’18 Jalen Johnson (Northern Durham)

Jalen has excellent speed and quickness and plays at a strong pace. The high-energy guard demonstrated toughness and grit throughout the day. Coach Stywall stated, “Jalen played at a very high level. He has quickness and body control when attacking the basket. Jalen has a solid frame that allows him to finish through contact with either hand.” While Jalen is more suitable for attacking the rim, he will need to extend his range out to the 3-point line. Defensively, he has long arms and quick feet that allowed him to contain and control his man. Avg. 10.3 PPG

No. 176 6’3 ’17 Tripp Greene (FCDS)

Tripp has been a regular of the Phenom camps since the 7th grade. He is one of the more fundamentally sound players in his class. Tripp plays with a high IQ and understands the game. Coach Stywall stated, “Tripp played with a high motor throughout the day. He competed on every possession and made plays on both ends of the court. The effort he gave on both ends of the court was unmatched and rubbed off on his teammates.” Tripp is an efficient scorer and can score from all three levels. He has excellent court vision and can be a little too unselfish at times, which is not often seen today. Tripp rebounds his possession extremely well. Avg. 16.5 PPG

No. 220 6’5 ’18 Hunter Tyson (Piedmont HS)

Hunter Tyson is a highly skilled and fundamentally sound player that can so a lot of things on the basketball court. The multi-skilled wing was consistent throughout the day. Coach Stywall stated,“Hunter was knocking down jump shots and showed the ability to put the ball on the floor. He was efficient getting to the rim and finish with contact. Hunter is a player with a high basketball IQ that picks his spots well.” Overall, Hunter has good length and quick feet that allows him to get deflections and block shots. Avg. 13 PPG

No. 221 6’5 ’17 Soloman Smith (Greensboro Day School)

Soloman is an extremely long and bouncy wing player that will be the perfect compliment to coach Freddy Johnson of GDS. He plays with an unbelievable motor and the southpaw sports a nifty midrange jumper. The high-energy wing takes absolutely zero plays off and is active on both ends of the court. Coach Stywall stated, “Defensively, Soloman is a rim protector with long arms and good timing that allows him to block or alter shots. He has range out to 15 feet and showed the ability to attack from the post.” Overall, Soloman does all the little things on the court to make his team successful. Avg. 10.3 PPG

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