Team 1: Ed Addie

No. 1 4’3 ’23 Devin Oliver (Oxford, NC)

Devin came in as one of the youngest and smallest campers, but displayed one of the biggest hearts. He demonstrated a great attitude along with confidence for being so young. Coach Addie stated, “Devin has tremendous ball handling ability. He can get past his defender but his size hurts his ability to get to the basket.” Overall, we were impressed with his court vision and passing ability.

No. 58 5’2 ’21 Kalen Harris (Raleigh, NC)

Kaen demonstrated an excellent attitude and the ability to play within the team structure. Coach Addie stated, Kalen is coachable and is a team player. He accepts constructive feedback and has a desire to improve.” He has a solid understanding of the game and the next step in his development is to improve his conditioning.

No. 95 5’6 ’21 Elijah Metcalf (Charlotte, NC)

Elijah combines an enormous blend of athleticism and skills for his age/grade. In addition, it is well complimented by a remarkable attitude and work ethic. Coach Addie stated, “Elijah is a very good athlete with tremendous ability to get to the basket. He’s very strong with the ball and a tough on ball defender.” The next step in his development is to develop his off/left hand. He has a lot of non-stat sheet plays!

No. 106 5’6 ’21 Breon Pass (Reidsville, NC)

Breon has advanced ball handling and passing skills for his age/grade. He has the ability to score from all three levels on the court. Coach Addie stated, “Breon is an exceptional ball handler with good quickness. He’s shifty with the ball and uses that shiftiness to get to the rim very well.” Overall, Breon has a nice feel for the game. The next step in his development is to exert maximum energy throughout the entire game.

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