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A Closer Look: Five More Top Prospects from North Carolina’s Class of 2022

This week, we took a closer look at the top five from North Carolina’s Class of 2022 and today we will highlight those that just narrowly missed the first cut. Keep in mind, this class is supremely talented and various top tier prospects are just beginning to establish themselves within the bigger picture. As mentioned yesterday, these are merely the opinions of the writer and are not Phenom...

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Brandon’s Big Time Ballers: NCTop80

The prestigious NC Top 80 has hosted the top talent in all of the Hoop State the last several years, this years edition didn’t disappoint. Greensboro, North Carolina- Phenom Hoops NC Top 80 camp is unique in it’s own right, due mostly in part to the amass of talent assembled together under one roof for competition. This camp provides coaches, media and, spectators alike an...

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Diving in with: Kheni Briggs

The first time I saw 6’3 2022 Kheni Briggs he was an eighth grader playing with Team CP3 and he was literally playing all five positions, it’s rare for a kid that young with size to already have a hold on the skillset and mobility. Greensboro, North Carolina- Briggs doesn’t possess the build of a typical freshman he’s got a slender stocky build at 6’3, he’s physical enough to match up on the...

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Jamie’s List of Five — Phenom’s High School Jamboree (Session 2)

Jamie’s List of Five Phenom’s High School Jamboree – Session 2 32 teams from around the region showed up to play on this platform. Some of the best competition, incredible exposure and college coaches all make this the best jamboree the region has. Session 2 of the 6th Annual Phenom’s High School Jamboree proved just that. Players stepped up to the plate and took advantage of this opportunity....

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Player Standouts at Phenom High School Jamboree Session 2 (Morning Session)

Mount Tabor 6’6 ’20 Jakob Moore The big man plays a vital role to this team, given his status as their main interior presence on both sides of the ball. He’s big, strong, and understands how to properly utilize his body to clear out space around the basket for finishes and rebounds. Moore is a team-first guy and it’s evident in his blue-collar role for Mount Tabor. The lefty also showed the...

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