Isaiah Todd “Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.”

Young basketball players who are national prospects sometimes live under a microscrope. People have a tendency to pick apart their game and sometimes scrutinize their actions and behavior on and off the court. This past weekend, 6’10 junior Isaiah Todd played in front of UNC head coach Roy Williams. He had a monster second half performance and even hit a game winning “walk off” free throw with no time remaining on the clock. Another memoriable performance and a great way to finish a second half come from behind upset win.

Since the Raleigh Trinity game was the last game of the night and with inclement weather on the way, many of the players and fans were heading for the exits quickly after the game. As we were packing up our Phenom banners and loading up our cars, there was one player who took the time to offer his assistant. My hands were full and of all people, Isaiah Todd came up and asked if “I needed any help.” Naturally, I was quite impressed, but I replied “thanks but I’ll get it.” After that, most young players would just walk away, not Isaiah. He kept persisting to help and I finally allowed him to carry some of our equipment to the car.

While some may ask, why am I writing about this? Well, to put it mildly, sometimes we look at young men like Isaiah as just a basketball player. We don’t get to know them as people and at times we rarely talk about a young man’s character away from the basketball court. For me personally, every time I’ve been in contact with Isaiah, he has been one of the nicest, friendliest and most humble young men that I’ve covered. As a matter of fact, it’s often Isaiah making the effort to come up and shake my hand. Always being thankful and showing his appreication and gratitude. As I was leaving the game Saturday night with a cold rain falling down, I was just deeply touched by his kindness. You see, to me, sometimes it’s just the little things that matter.

Be sure to watch the highlight video of the exciting Holly Springs vs. Raleigh Trinity game.