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Ridgeview High School
4801 Hard Scrabble Road
Columbia, SC 29229


High School Varsity



$15.00 Day Pass


$295.00 per Team



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Columbia, SC 29229[/et_pb_map_pin_extended][/et_pb_map_extended]


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Thursday Morning Standouts at Phenom Southern Jam Session I

Combine Academy 6’6 ’20 Bradley West- The forward was the leading two-way presence for Combine throughout their first game of the day. He rebounded the ball exceptionally well and showed scoring capabilities from all over the floor. West drew fouls and should be on...

#PhenomSummerJam Session Two: Court One Standouts Late Morning/Early Afternoon

The show goes on here in Columbia, people really need to stop sleeping on the State of South Carolina as a basketball state, cause there's a ton of talent in the public and private school leagues that's been on display for the Phenom Hoops staff all day long......

#PhenomSummerJam Session Two Morning Standouts: Court One

Another day in June, another team camp going on within the Phenom Hoops empire, this one coming to you from Columbia, South Carolina at Ridge View High School.  There's a ton of great talent in the gym today from South Carolina and North Carolina, let's take a look at...

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Taking the Next Step Phenom’s Summer Jam Platform

Phenom Hoops had the luxury of 40 highly talented teams come through our doors for June team camps. Each team wanted to utilize the platform to not only gain exposure for their players but also play against great competition. The competition at our team camps was...

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Phenom Hoops had 40 teams come through our doors in June as we ran our annual Summer Jams. A series of high school team camps we do, Session 1 in Greensboro, NC and Session 2 in Columbia, SC. These events are held so that high school teams are able to get competition...

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Five names that seperated themselves from others at the Summer Jam in South Carolina 6’9” 2018 Robert Braswell Blythewood HS (SC) Braswell has such a tantalizing skill set, and it is one that is really hard to defend at the high school level. Blessed with great...

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Queen City Thunder 17U 6’4 Jordan Diggs (2017) is a player that has stood out on multiple occasions over the summers’ course due to his clear grit and versatility. It is almost shocking how much Diggs can do on the basketball floor; his game is an ideal fit at either...