2030 MJ Thomas (Team Loaded NC): Thomas, a familiar name that we have continued to watch and develop, consistently brings a force that can’t be denied and looks to be a rising big to watch out for. With his frame and size at his age, along with his physicality, Thomas is a demanding presence in the paint, controlling the glass, embracing and finishing through contact, and impacting the game on both sides of the court.

2028 Ayo Awo Sanya (Carolina Culture): This is a young man who simply has the tools to be something special as he continues to develop and add more to his game. Sanya is such a unique prospect at his age with his understanding and feel for the game, his ability to use his size inside and out, his activity level on both sides of the ball, and is one that displays athleticism in finishing at the rim.

2028 Michel Pierre (Creek Ballerz): Second day in a row getting a chance to watch this young man in action and I really have liked his consistency, his assertiveness, but also his decision-making.  Pierre has shown time after time that he can be an effective scoring option and lead his team, creating for himself and attacking downhill. But he also makes good decisions, finds his teammates, and makes a variety of plays in other areas of the court.

2027 Jeremiah Norton (NC Raptors): In several events, you don’t always get a chance to watch a big man truly be a big man and show his understanding of the position. Norton though showed flashes of his knowledge and feel in the paint, fighting for position, showing strong footwork, and the ability to score around defenders and finish through contact.

2028 Mack Jordan (Charlotte Royals): A name to really look out for in the coming years looks to be Mack Jordan. He is an electric guard with the ball in his hands, showing tremendous speed and quickness, crafty as a creator, is able to get by defenders and make plays for himself and others, and uses that speed on the defensive end. He displays a confident overall feel but we are also eager to see how he continues to add more to his game.

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