Part two of this series for Team Charlotte 15U, Phenom Hoops wanted to take a closer look at another guard in the 2018 class and also playing at Olympic.

Marcus Henderson, is a 5’7 point guard that also played junior varsity for Olympic this past season, averaging 6/1 points per game, 2.1 assists, and 1.0 steals per game. Even though this young man is still developing much of his game, one can see that this kid has potential.

He is a lengthy 5’7 point guard that still will develop into his body. However, what impressed us the most when Team Charlotte played at Northwest for the David Rose Memorial Classic, was his ability to knock down shots.

He has a nice form and even though young and 5’7 right now, he showed he can be a knock down shooter from behind the arc.

Coach LJ Johnson had this to say about the young and still developing point guard:

“Marcus’ role was limited for us at the beginning of the summer. He hit a couple shots in the last tryout which helped him make the team. He has great IQ of what is going on, his awareness is good for his age also. He is still growing into his body, but he has unlimited range. What we have been working on is just getting stronger with the basketball, being able to play thru contact, and stay in front of defenders also. He has really been working on creating his own shot off the dribble.”

Henderson has the potential to be knock down, three point shooter, as he isn’t afraid to take any shot on the court. As his coach said, when he develops into his body frame the older he gets, learning to drive and finish with contact will take his game to the next level.

But his coach sees a complete point guard and one that could be reckon with down the road.

“Definitely a point guard (he sees him as). As I mentioned earlier, his IQ is fantastic. That’s why a lot of the focus has been more so him getting stronger with the ball because he sometimes struggles there. He gets teammates in position to win.”

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