Upward Stars SE came into Summer Havoc Live looking to build momentum after playing the first few days of the week in the Adidas Gauntlet Finale.

Upward Stars SE came into Summer Havoc Live looking to build momentum after playing the first few days of the week in the Adidas Gauntlet Finale. They made their grand entrance with a very entertaining performance against the NC Wolves. With 60 plus college coaches in attendance, as well as a nice crowd; it was only right that the players dip into their bags and put on a show. The game was entertaining the first half has newly acquired guard Trey McGowens started the on slot with two thunderous dunks. This was followed up by Isiah Moore getting easy back door cuts which he finished with show time dunks. The guard play of Upward Stars was superb with the likes of Alex Caldwell and Jermaine Petterson starting the breaks. The engine of this team would have to be Vincent Cole who dominated the game on both ends of the floor. The tale of this game came down to Upward having too much fire power for NC Wolves. This led to them winning by 20pts. The game the next day was similar to the first. Upward started fast with Isiah Moore scoring 10pts in 4mins. Vincent Cole was outstanding again, finishing with another 20 plus point game. Alex Caldwell did a great job stretching the floor by knocking down 3 point shots consistently. In the end they finished Summer Havoc with 2 impressive wins and momentum to take with them into their next event.

2018 5’10 PG Alex Caldwell Upward Stars SE (SC)

Caldwell was very solid this weekend. His game has matured over the last couple of months. He knocked down 3pt shots with ease and reminded composed the entire game. Caldwell is a great lead guard who can handle it well, create for others, and brings so much passion when he performs. Let me not forget to mention his bounce is getting pretty crazy. His recruitment should pick up over the next couple of weeks.

2018 6’8 F Isiah Moore Upward Stars SE (SC)

Moore looked very good at Summer Havoc Live. He lived off of getting easy dump down passes, which got him easy dunks and buckets. Moore is a stretch 4 with very good perimeter skills. His length is a problem for almost every defender, and his ability to shot the ball from deep adds to it. He plays with a unique aggression, which comes out after he makes a big play. Coaches should really start to track him over the next few weeks. As he adds strength to his frame, his game can only increase.


2018 6’4 Vincent Cole Upward Stars SE (SC)

Vincent was clearly the best player for upward this weekend. There wasn’t anything he didn’t do. He rebound, locked up on defense, and scored the ball from everywhere. He has a nonstop motor which allows him to get to those loose balls, and convert busted plays into game winning moments. Cole shot the ball well from beyond the arc and his bounce is still intact. One would think after going viral last year defenders would know NOT to jump with him, but one guy tried, and that didn’t end well. Cole is a for sure high level athlete who coaches would love to have on their roster.

2018 6’2 PG Trey McGowens Upward Stars SE (SC)

McGowens is a player I’ve watched play many times over the last year. One thing that is for sure is that he’s a HIGH flyer and loves to get out and run in transition. He spent most of the summer playing on the EYBL circuit, which allowed him to play against elite competition. What a noticed over the weekend is that his jumper has gotten a lot smoother. When he got his momentum with the dunks the 3s started raining in. McGowens is already a very sought after player who has 25 plus college scholarship offers. The only thing he can do now is continue to get better and enjoy the rest of the travel season.

2018 6’8 PF Jerrel Kelly Upward Stars SE (SC)

Kelly is one that every college coach will be intrigued by. Standing at 6’8 he has a solid frame which fits the college game perfectly. For his size he is able to shoot the ball really well. He can handle the ball which will make him a mismatch for most teams, and with his ability to shoot it he’s a problem for most 4 men. On the defensive end he spent most of the time directing teammates by setting up the defense, calling out screens, and snagging rebounds to start the break. Kelly holds an offer from Old Dominion, but should he continue to perform well he will attract more attention for himself.


2018 6’4 CG Conner Crabtree Upward Stars SE (SC)

Crabtree was smooth out there on the floor for upward. He did most of his damage in transition where he either finished with a jelly like lay up or dunked it with authority. His handle is crafty as well, which allows him to be able to get to his spots and make shots. Crabtree will spend the next year doing a Post Grad season. As July moves on Crabtree should attract more college coaches with his intriguing skill set.

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