Personal Statement

Players don’t exist for the program, rather, the program exists for the players. The player is all that matters for me.

I don’t measure success with W’s and L’s. I measure success by the number of kids who come through our program and say, “I had the time of my life.” I want kids to love the game and remember their playing days as the best days of their life.

When my life is over, no one will know my Won/Lost record, but if I have made a real difference in the lives of young men…then I will have won.
Coaching Experience

  • Co-Founded one of the first boy’s AAU Basketball Team in Rock Hill
  • Head Coach, MS Boys, Westminster Catawba Christian School, 2007-2010
    • 0-14 my first year, 18-3 my last year…and both of those particular seasons were phenomenal experiences in their own way
  • Head Coach, JV Boys, Westminster Catawba Christian School, 2010-2011
  • Head Coach, Varsity Boys, Westminster Catawba Christian School, 2011-2014; During my tenure the School had a lot of “firsts”
    • First State Playoff appearance in school history
    • First male players from the school to ever sign a college basketball scholarships
    • First time for a team to score 100 points in a game (4 times)
    • Make over 300 threes in a season (one player made 11 in a game)
    • Produced all time leading scorer and 2 all area players
  • Head Coach Varsity Boys, York Preparatory Academy, 2nd Year
    • First winning season: 20-13
    • First All Area Player
    • First Division One Scholarship Offer
    • First game…scored 103 points
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