Tennessee Phenom 150 Team Evaluation
Saturday, September 16, 2017
TNT Sportsplex
Kingsport, Tennessee

Team 10 (Coach Woods)

No. 10 5’8 ’21 Cameron Warren (Lakeside HS, Augusta, GA)

Only a freshman, Cameron displayed an advanced skill set for his age/grade. He was rock steady in all three camp games averaging 8.0 PPG. Cameron handles the ball extremely well and has excellent court vision and plays much bigger than his listed size. Coach Woods stated, “Cameron takes the ball to the rim with power and always finds a way to finish. He plays really hard and can be a player that can change a game on both ends of the court.” The next step in his development is work on his shooting mechanics, which will help his overall shooting percentage, as he gets older.

No. 11 5’9 ’20 Jaden Alderson (Dobyns Bennett, Kingsport, TN)

Jaden played with an outstanding attitude and brings a team first approach to each and every game. Coach Woods stated, “Jaden is a very good shooter that needs to be willing to take more shots. He has a very high basketball IQ and makes his teammates better.” The next step in his development is to get physically stronger which usually happens as he grows and develops. By getting stronger, this will allow him to finish better and have more overall confidence on the court. One thing is for sure, Jaden understands the game and is a very unselfish player and at times may be too unselfish. (Which usually never happens in a camp setting)

No. 30 6’0 ’21 Jack Brown (First Baptist Academy, Knoxville, TN)

Jack is a young sophomore that has a lot of upside and potential. Coach Woods stated, “Jack is very active on offense and has good overall instincts on the court. As he continues to play against better players, his game will also improve.” The next step in his development like many young players is to get physically stronger and add more confidence. Jack understands the game and has solid fundamentals.

No. 31 6’0 ’19 Raishaun Brown (Asheville Christian (Arden, NC)

Raishaun was one of the better prospects in attendance. Already sporting an offer from Western Carolina and select D2 schools, look for his stock to elevate this coming season. Raishaun averaged 13.7 PPG and made the All Camp First Team. Coach Woods stated, “Raishaun is a very strong scoring point guard. He makes his team better on both ends of the court. Raishaun can score from all three levels and he is an elite defender that will play at the next level because of his motor.” Overall, Raishaun is an excellent finisher utilizing his speed and quickness, but has improved immensely with his perimeter shooting ability.

No. 51 6’2 ’20 Micah Banks (Greenville HS, Greenville, TN)

Micah is a solid all around player that understands that playing hard on both ends of the court matters. He demonstrated an excellent attitude and team first approach to the game. Coach Woods stated,“Micah is a good shooter that can make tough shots. He understands team defense positioning and concepts. I watched him communicate to the 2nd and 3rd level of help defense and recovery off the ball on ball screens. This type of defensive understanding is rare at this level.” Players with his basketball IQ and defensive understanding will have a place to play at the next level.

No. 52. 6’2 ’19 Dustin Bartley

Dustin demonstrated an outstanding attitude and played extremely well in the team concept. Coach Woods stated, “Dustin is a good shooter that needs to look to shoot more. He plays very strong and can out muscle most defenders. He’s such a coachable young man that was a pleasure to be around.” We were also impressed with unselfishness and willingness to play team basketball, which doesn’t always happen in a camp setting. Dustin is a structure or system player and will excel in more of a team setting.

No. 72 6’4 ’20 Lucas Jenkins (Mountain Heritage HS, Bakersville, NC)

Lucas is one of the better players in the North Carolina 2020 class. He has excellent size and advanced understanding of the game. Coach Woods stated, “Lucas attacks the rim very well. He can finish at the basket and plays much bigger than his listed 6’4 frame. He is a very tough player that seems to like to play physical under the rim. Lucas was one of the hardest working players in the gym.” Lucas averaged 11.0 PPG and was voted game MVP. We have always been impressed with his work ethic and high motor exhibited every time he steps unto the court.

No. 73 6’4 ’19 Sean Oglesby (Central HS, Knoxville, TN)

Sean enjoyed three outstanding games and consistency is his calling card. He averaged 15. 0 PPPG and was selected to the All Camp First Team. Sean has a unique blend of athleticism and skill set that will often separate him from his peers. Coach Woods stated, “Sean shot the open three very well. He plays harder on offense than he does on defense. He has the ability to affect the outcome on both ends of the court. Sean can score with both hands and is tough going to the rim. He is a great teammate.” We were impressed with his vocal leadership on and off the court. He did a splendid job of encouraging his teammates.

No. 93 6’9 ’18 Justin Tene (Asheville Christian, Swannanoa, NC)

Justin is a very skilled post player with passer friendly hands and excellent footwork. Although, he is a “below the rim” player, he is a physical presence under the basket. Coach Woods stated, “Justin can score with both hands around the basket. He sees the court well and can pass the ball extremely well for a player his size/position. Justin catches everything thrown at him and commands a double team and can find the open guy each time.”We’ve always been impressed with his work ethic and relentless energy and approach to the game.

No. 94, 6’0 ’19 Christian Holland (Fundamental Prep)

Talk about a high-energy player! Christian will bring effort and an unbelievable work ethic to each and every game. Coach Woods also stated, “Christian plays hard every play! He can guard several positions on the floor and take the ball hard to the rim very well. “While he is an undersized wing guard, he simply has a nose for the ball and plays much bigger than his listed height.

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