North Carolina’s Phenom Exposure Camp
Coach K’s Standouts (Part 1)
By Jamie Shaw


#6 5’6″ 2019 Nolan Brown
Franklinton HS (Franklinton, NC)

Brown is a scoring point guard with good length who’s also a solid athlete. Good shooter with range to 20 feet. Plays with a very good pace. Can run a team, facilitate and score. His length allows him to be an able defender. Very good clutch player that makes big shots. We saw him do this time and time again Sunday.

#48 6′ 2018 Kenny Dye
Northside HS (Jacksonville, NC)

One of the better shooters in the camp this weekend, His team mates never figured it out but when he got the ball he demonstrated a stroke behind the arc that was impressive. His frame is strong and bouncy and his footwork leads him to scoring spots as he has demonstrated the ability to score the ball of the dribble and coming off screens. See more on, Phenom Hoop Report Top 150 Session 1.

#113 6’2″ 2019 Miles Ray
Freedom Christian (Fayetteville, NC)

Miles is a high flyer’ He is a combination guard that has a great feel for the game and matching instincts. Big time open court and drive and kick passer. Use his size well to see over smaller players on defense. He slashes, pull ups and can make the open three off the catch or rhythm dribble … But he is must see TV checkout some of this kids Highlights from Sunday! WOW… Best in SHOW Phenom Hoop Report Top 150 Session 1.

#142 6’3″ 2019 Quinton Thomas
Harding HS (Charlotte, NC)

Thomas is an attacking combination guard that is long, wiry, athletic and welcomes contact. He can score by getting to the rim, as well as shooting mid-range pull ups and knocks down threes. He has great offensive confidence. Thomas can create his own shot… See more on, Phenom Hoop Report Top 150 Session 1.

#170 6’6″ 2021 Eric Van Der Heijden
Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)

Vander Heijden is a versatile forward that can play either the 3 or the 4. He is a natural wing that has a distinct ability to score the basketball. His toughness and athletic ability allow him to play some PF also when needed. He his skills you don’t see from most High School players. Good Footwork, Grate Hands and loads of potential and versatility. His skill set puts him on the Best In Show list… See more on, Phenom Hoop Report Top 150 Session 1.

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