The LIVE Period with Phenom Hoops has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to cover as we recap a ton of topics to talk about along with teams. Diving into some of the action we saw this weekend, we wanted to touch more on the strong play of NLPB 2025 Senyo, a team that went undefeated, going 5-0 at the event and is a team that should have garnered more attention.

This is a team that has strong makeup and has recruitable prospects on the team that should have been written down by college coaches. So let’s dive into a bit we saw more.

Again, this is a team that went 5-0 at the event with these impressive wins:

Vs. Carolina Pressure 2025 75-59
vs. DB Elite 2025 67-43
vs. Upward Stars Columbia 82-67
vs. TNT Hoopsquad 2025 NT 56-35
vs. CC Elite 2025 73-61

When you talk about this team and what we saw, this was a very balanced group. They were led offensively by 2025 Jordan Patterson who is currently committed to Lees-McRae, as he continued to shine as a creator and scorer. But he had plenty of help along the outside. 2025 Ian Howard should see his stock rise a bit more, being assertive, attacking downhill and finishing, but also showing his ability to knock down shots. He has been consistent throughout and has really elevated his play. 2025 6’4 Dacen Petty really stepped up as an offensive weapon, scoring in a variety of ways and showing vision. 2025 Christian Petty and Jaiden Williams had strong moments, with Petty flourishing as a point guard and making plays off the dribble and Williams catching eyes with his strong play and athleticism at 6’2. 2025 Josiah Railey had his moments in being a valuable asset within the team, being strong downhill, and certainly finishing at the rim a time or two.

As far as size, 2025 6’10 Zachary Peterson was able to continue his play and showing intrigue with his game. Comfortable from multiple levels, working inside and out, and being a presence on both sides of the court. And then you have 2025 Rylan Parkens and 2025 Grant Clayton, two prospects that battle hard, stay active on the glass, compete on both ends and don’t need to be the focal points of an offense but also provide production.

It was certainly fun and an impressive to watch NLPB 2025 Senyo in action, and going undefeated at the event certainly sends a statement to many.  Continue to watch them throughout the summer with Phenom Hoops.

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