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Phenom Open Gym: Combine Academy

Phenom Hoops travelled to Lincolnton to cover Combine Academy’s open gym. ACC head coaches Steve Forbes of Wake Forest and Mike Young of Virginia Tech were in attendance along with assistant coaches from VCU, Western Carolina and College of Charleston. Head Coach Mike Wright has assembled a team that will be in the conversation as one of the premier high school teams in the country. Combine has...

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What Does Mike Wright to Combine Academy Mean'

On Wednesday, Combine Academy sent shockwaves through the grassroots community after announcing their decision to hire Mike Wright as the new head coach of their national program. In terms of qualified candidates, no one should’ve really been surprised. Everything Wright has accomplished during his time at Liberty Heights is well-documented. He’s widely regarded among the top coaches and best...

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The Development of a Powerhouse: Liberty Heights Climbing the Mountain

Given all the constant movement and overall flux within the high school landscape, it can be difficult for someone who isn’t especially involved in the scene to understand its nuances. What does this mean' Think specifically about the group over at Liberty Heights. Their coaching staff of Mike Wright, Ben Johnson, DaQuan Santos, and Robert Shuler has been around for quite a while, but the...

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Combine Academy Captures Win Over Liberty Heights

Combine Academy captures 63-45 win over Liberty Heights  Phenom Hoops travelled to Lincolnton, North Carolina to cover a key match-up between two of the top non-association teams in the state. Liberty Heights came into the contest with a 13-5 record while Combine Academy sported a 16-8 record. Both teams have played a tough and challenging national schedule and the game at Combine Academy...

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Hartsville Classic “Final thoughts, takeaways and stock boosters” (North Carolina Teams)

Phenom Hartsville Classic Final thoughts, takeaways and stock boosters. (North Carolina teams) Phenom Hoops travelled to Hartsville, South Carolina to host the inaugural Phenom Hartsville Classic. One thing is for certain, the state of South Carolina is making a heavy investment into quality high school facilities. Hartsville High has a beautiful high school gymnasium and although the host...

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Liberty Heights: Overcoming Adversity

Liberty Heights: Overcoming Adversity   For Coach Mike Wright, he has endured a tremendous amount of difficulty and adversity over the past six months. He lost two players in James Hampton and Mikey Maddox. James Hampton (Team United) collapsed and died at a Nike EYBL basketball game in Hampton, Virginia. A few months later, Mikey Maddox died from a bicycle accident. Maddox was enrolled at...

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