No. 16 4’10 Rassell Young of Charlottesville, VA

Rassell Young was one of the smallest and youngest players in camp, however this young man showcased plenty of heart and fortitude. He played with a fearless approach and wasn’t afraid to get involved with the action. We were impressed with his court vision and ability to score from the perimeter. Got to love it when a youngster displays so much effort and energy.


No. 25 5’0 ’21 Nathan Hutchins of Winston-Salem, NC

Hutchins has IQ and a nice understanding of the game. He’s such a heady player and he’s a low risk/high return player. We were impressed with his decision-making and he played with such a high motor. In addition, Hutchins has a smooth shooting touch with well-defined shooting mechanics. More importantly, he is a fierce competitor on the court and has a “never give up” attitude. Hutchins is very crafty with the ball and has the ability to finish in traffic


No. 74 5’3 ’20 William Whitley of Whitsell, NC

While most players love to play offense, Whitley made a big impression on the defensive side of the ball. We’re talking about a hard-nosed young player that loves to mix it up and put tremendous pressure on the offensive player. He plays with an exceptional attitude accompanied with a strong, mature approach to the game. In addition, he has a lot of poise, which was equally impressive. If he continues to grow on and off the court, he’s a player to monitor over his high school career.


No. 86 5’4 Lamont McNeil of Greensboro, NC

McNeil is a young, strong and skillful PG that has the ability to score from all levels on the court. He has a physically mature frame that allows him to penetrate and finish in traffic with contact. More importantly, we were very impressed with his relentless and competitive approach to the game. He plays hard and takes pride in his performance on the court. If McNeil continues to grow and develop, he has a chance to be a special young player.


No. 108 5’7 ’20 Elijah Alford of Charlotte, NC

Alford’s strongest attribute is work ethic on the court. This young man really works hard and has the ability to knock down shots from the 3-point line. He listens well and absorbs coaching instructions and wants to get better. In addition, Alford plays with a certain “edge” and carries a “never losing” approach to the game. If he continues to enhance his current skill along with his competitive nature, he has a chance to be a very good player.




No. 131 5’8 ’21 Terrence Harcum of Butner, NC

Harcum has a tremendous upside. He’s a very hard worker with a great attitude. He loves to drive hard with either hand and does a good job of finishing with contact. Harcum likes to mix it up on both ends of the court. He’s always in there “amongst the trees” scratching and clawing for loose balls or rebounds for put backs. He has good athleticism and is effort level is off the charts.


No. 149 5’10 ’21 Carter Whitt of Raleigh, NC

Coach McQueen summed it up best! “Awesome, awesome, awesome. He has unbelievable court vision like Magic Johnson and can stroke it like Larry Bird.” Without question, Whitt has an elite level skill set that is way beyond his age/grade. It’s not often you find a seventh grader with so much skill, basketball IQ and understanding of the game. Only a seventh grader, but Whitt is a name you will be reading a lot about over the next 4-6 years. He’s an unbelievable talent for his age/grade.


No. 152 5’10 ’20 Ford Cooper of Weddington, NC

Cooper is already blessed with tremendous athleticism that is accompanied with a compatible skill set. He has a nice touch from the perimeter but also have the ability to finish strong with authority on drives to the rim. We were impressed with his body control and acrobatic type moves around the basket. If he continues to grow and reaches his father’s 6’5 height, Cooper could be an absolute problem at the high school level. We really like the upside and potential of Cooper.


No. 174 5’11 Johnny Caraher of Chapel Hill, NC

Coach McQueen summed it up best, “We loved this kid, Big Baby. He gives total focus and intensity on each and every play. In addition, his attitude toward the coaches and his teammates won us over.” He is always positive and just makes you want to be near or around him. With his physical build, he sets strong screens and plays his role extremely well. Caraher has the ability to step out and knock down 3-pointers and was very consistent throughout the day with his midrange jumper. In addition, Caraher doesn’t back away from contact. He doesn’t mind mixing it up with bigger and stronger players. He has a big heart and unbelievable competitive spirit.


No. 190 6’2 ’21 Ny’Keem Smith of Orangeburg, SC

When this young man realizes his size and potential, watch out! He has a physically mature frame and has a soft shooting touch around the rim. Smith was a difficult match up throughout the day. He has good footwork in the paint and made advanced offensive moves for buckets. We strongly feel Smith could use this event as a stepping-stone to work harder and gain more confidence. He has he opportunity to be really/really good

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