Player: Tragen Fahl

Class: 2017

Height/Weight: 6’8”/185 Pounds

Vertical: 35”

Wingspan: 80”

High School:
Atlantic Shores Christian School

High School Statistics:
10 Points, 7.5 Rebounds, 2.5 Blocks per Game


HS Coach Evaluation:
Tragen is really attacking his body right now. He’s gained 7 pounds in the last 3 months and is continuing to get bigger and stronger every week. His added strength is allowing him to rebound and finish
much better. He’s naturally comfortable scoring, he’s got good touch around the rim and cleans up well off the glass. He’s still working on his hands but runs the floor well and is increasingly active. He’s progressing at a rapid rate so it should be exciting to see where
he’s at over the next two years at Shores. – Coach Bryan LaRussa, Asst Coach Atlantic Shores Christian School

Coach Frank says:
The video links above are a year old and don’t show his added bulk and strength. Tragen Fahl has added seven pounds of muscle since his arrival at Atlantic Shores less than 3 months ago and displays an impressive, cut upper body and obvious addition of strength. His physical development is indicative of his solid work ethic. The videos do show his great motor, his deft shooting touch around the rim and from the elbow area and his rebounding prowess, trademark skills that made him an effective player and very good scorer even before adding bulk. Since arriving at Atlantic Shores the added strength has allowed him to become more effective and versatile. Always a fundamentally solid player with a nice shooting touch, excellent court vision and passing skills he has improved his perimeter skill set and is now a more capable ball handler and playmaker. Around the rim his added strength allows him to finish much better with contact and defend the paint with regards to establishing positioning in the paint where he can assert himself more physically rather than relying on his length. Tragen has improved his shooting range and has progressed into a productive player at either wing or in the post. He has always been quick and agile, a very good perimeter defender with excellent footwork. His coaches speak of his great work ethic and his genuine likeability, all part of what has become a more attractive prospect for the once dangly scorer now more physical scorer/playmaker. I’ve always liked his skills, now I’m a big fan of his overall versatility and physical capabilities.

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